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Quizzle: Is Your Credit As Good As Your Game?

Check out Quizzle’s latest video, aptly titled “Is Your Credit As Good As Your Game?

Quizzle partnered with our friends at Last Pictures to film it and we think the whole thing turned out great! Check it out and please share with all your friends. And if you don’t have a Quizzle account (Um, hello! Free credit report and score!), sign up today.

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The New Face(s) of Quizzle

The New Face of Quizzle

You see those ugly mugs? Those intense, manly, hairy faces are the result of some serious hard work.

The fine folks down in Quizzle Town have been pulling late nights to re-launch their namesake with a brand new look. It went live today – a visual masterpiece, a sheer work of art, all designed by the DIFF Design Doctor himself – Mr. Chris Kaufman.

And yet, behind that pretty new face lies one of the most easy-to-use personal finance sites with an interface so light and clean it can practically read your mind. The site is incredibly intuitive and you walk away every time knowing you've learned something. And we all know Quizzle remains the only place on the internet to get your free credit score & free credit report. Seriously. No strings attached, no goofy trial period membership. Quizzle is yours for free for as long as you like to use it. Or stare at it because it's so pretty. Like I do. What? I like pie charts.

And the ugly mugs, you ask? Why do I subject you to such a photo? The typically clean-shaven, boyish good looks of the Quizzle men were traded in weeks ago in for the rally beards you see above. All the men agreed to quit shaving until the site went live. They banded together like brothers in a fit of unity, a show of anticipation, for the re-launch of Quizzle. And now that it's live, the hunting trip can end and Quizzle CEO Todd Albery can go back to looking 10 years younger than he is.

DIFF readers, go check out the new Quizzle. Let 'em know what you think. And congrats to the entire Quizzle team – you have a beautiful, smart site that is truly one of the most useful things to grace the interwebz.

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Unlock Your Inner Millionaire: win $1,000,000 or other instant prizes from Quicken Loans

Unlock Your Inner Millionaire sweepstakes from Quicken Loans

VISA gift cards! Fatheads! Free credit reports! One miiiiiiiiiiillion dollars (in my very best Dr. Evil voice)!

Do I sound like a bad email holed up in your Spam box? I'm not. I'm for real.

All that too-good-to-be-true stuff and more are coming from our cool new sweepstakes, "Unlock Your Inner Millionaire." And I mean, you already knew that the only place on the web to get a free credit report and score is from our partners at Quizzle. DUH!

Since I hate reinventing the wheel, copying here the PR Web Release of what the "Unlock Your Inner Millionaire" sweepstakes is all about, complete with a quote from our new CMO, Stu Davis.

Check it & go try to win a million dollars!

Quicken Loans today announced the launch of a new sweepstakes – "Unlock Your Inner Millionaire," which offers visitors the opportunity to win $1 million. Consumers interested in refinancing or purchasing a home can visit the site between October 1 and December 31, 2009 to enter.

The game, which is played entirely online, asks visitors to www.Quickenloans.com to select one of three keys then try to unlock the door of a number of homes for your chance to win. In addition to the $1 million grand prize, entrants can win other great rewards such as $2,000 Visa gift cards and hundreds of instant-win gift cards from Fathead, Xeko, Target and Amazon.com.

“The Unlock Your Inner Millionaire" sweepstakes is a great way to have a little fun, and potentially win some money, while also taking steps to make sure that you aren’t paying more for your home than you need,” said Stuart Davis, Quicken Loans’ Chief Marketing Officer. “The QuickenLoans.com Web site also offers consumers a number of tools to help understand their current mortgages, calculators for determining how much home they can responsibly afford, and news resources offering commentary on the latest trends in home finance.”

Visitors to the site can also choose to have a banker contact them about their mortgage and receive information on obtaining a free credit score and report through www.Quizzle.com.

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“Corporate Blog Design: Trends And Examples” features the Quicken Loans and Quizzle blogs

Smashing Magazine names Quicken Loans blog as a good corporate blogVery good post on Smashing Magazine yesterday that I wanted to share here.

Some of the best examples of corporate blog design were featured in the post and guess what – the DIFF blog made the list. So did the Quizzle blog and we couldn't be happier.

It's nice to be recognized for our work here and if you're at all interested in corporate blogging, this is a must read. Some of the top corporate blogs in the world are featured and the post goes pretty in-depth discussing what they like/don't like about each of them. Props to the design genius behind both the DIFF and Quizzle blogs – Chris "Doc" Kaufman.

Check it out. And big-ups-holler-at-you to Smashing Magazine for including us and Quizzle.

We appreciate it.

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Quizzle now offers $7 credit reports if one free credit report every six months isn’t good enough

Quizzle (powered by Quicken Loans) is here!Check this out.

Quizzle – everyone's favorite place to get a free credit report every six months now offers something really cool. A chance to get a credit report and score for just $7 in case the free one every six months isn't good enough.

Suppose you need to know your score and don't want to sign up for one of those expensive credit report services? Or pay 15 or 20 bucks for a report from another website? And you've already used your Quizzle free credit score and it will be several months before you're eligible for another? What do you do? Pay 15 or 20 bucks for your credit score and report? Sign up for an expensive service? No, silly. You get the super cheap $7 Quizzle credit report and score.

Just seven bucks and you'll know if all is ok in your credit world. You'll be able to verify all open accounts and check for any errors. You might save yourself a lot of hassle and trouble if you find a problem (or notice some sort of credit fraud) and you're able to take care of it before it causes any serious headaches.

That's worth seven dollars, isn't it?

Just to www.quizzle.com for more info about this great new offer from our friends at Quizzle.

Quizzle interesting fact of the day: the guy who designed Quizzle also designed this blog. None other than the one and only Chris Kaufman. Wow. Bet you didn't know that, huh?

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Every Day is Earth Day at Quicken Loans!

Green Quiz

We love Earth Day. It's a great time to look back at the year and see what kind of progress we've made in our continual "Go Green" efforts!

This year we made it easier to recycle in our kitchens by supplying recyle bins, we provided a forum for people to hook up with carpooling buddies, and we implemented technology that powers off our computers at night - saving energy as well as saving the company money.

And we're always looking to improve. Recently we met with Choose Renewables for a building walk through. They provided us with several power saving options that we're beginning to implement. And we're also in the process of adding styrofoam recycling to our recyling repertoire.

We're also working with Choose Renewables to help us make smart choices as we plan our move to downtown Detroit. We want to make use of the latest technologies in our new space to reduce power consumption and utilize earth-friendly materials whenever possible.

Wondering about your own efforts to go green? On Quizzle, our home and money website, we've developed a Green Quiz with the help of Choose Renewable. The quiz helps you evaluate the "greeness" of your home and lifestyle. Answer a few questions, and you'll get a Green Score! It's a great tool to see how you compare to other homeowners, and to see what areas of your home and life could use some green love.

We look forward to reporting more great news about our ongoing green efforts. Got any green tips? Celebrate Earth Day by sharing some inspiration!

Happy Earth Day!

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Quizzle – Now Showing on a YouTube near you!

Just wanted a quick shout out to my homies over at Quizzle for launching a pretty cool "Quizzle intro" video on YouTube. The video is short (just a minute) and highlights the value of joining Quizzle.

The main value, of course, being a free credit report and score. And not free as in you have to pay for something else, but really free. But even with the score, Quizzle is growing fast and offers lots of other cool stuff, like home value reports, rainy day fund reports, mortgage analysis, etc. And much more cool stuff is coming soon. I can't spill the beans yet, but some very cool "scores" are being added soon, so come back in a few weeks and see for yourself.

In the meantime, enjoy the Quizzle video. We like it and hope you do too!

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Happy Birthday Quizzle!

Quizzle Happy Birthday - Who can belive it's been a year?Our beloved Quizzle is now one and let me tell you, we are proud of our little success story!

In fact, Quizzle is probably the coolest website I've ever been involved with (except this blog, of course).

What started as a crazy idea has turned into a crazy success.

A crazy idea indeed.

Offer a free credit report. A free mortgage analysis. A free home value report. A free budget review. And a free rainy day fund review.  And what's the catch? We just want you to like us and consider us when you are looking for a mortgage or other financial services. That's it.

Did I mention Quizzle is free?

Continue reading “Happy Birthday Quizzle!” »

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Quizzle from Quicken Loans welcomes its 100,000th Quizzler

Quizzle from Quicken Loans reaches 100,000 happy clients with free credit reports!

It’s party time!! This morning, our super sweet money & home site Quizzle welcomed it’s 100,000th account. Confetti did not fall from the ceiling, but 100 Grand candy bars were passed around from the head Quizzler himself, Mr. Todd "Hey Bud!" Albery.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Quizzle.com is THE website to manage your money and home, even offering a free credit report and score. No, really…it’s free. No strings attached. We even have a Quizzle blog to keep you on the up and up of fun finance stuff. So if you don’t have a Quizzle account, take a minute to get yourself acquainted with Quizzle now. We’ll wait.

Quizzle is just a baby at 10 months old, but we’ve had some super supporters (like radio finance guru Clark Howard) who’ve truly helped us spread the word.

So, congrats to everyone here at Quicken Loans that has worked or currently works on Quizzle and big THANKS to everyone who lives inside Quizzle (we like to call you Quizzlers). We all work hard to make Quizzle something you’ll love, so be sure to let us know what you think! And tell your friends!

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“A Solution That Works” and how you can help

Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert's Housing Proposal - "A Solution That Works" and how you can help by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

So you read about the housing proposal from our Chairman. And you agree. But what next? How can you help us get it passed into law?

There’s a couple fresh new efforts we’ve started since our last post here on the DIFF. Here’s a few places you can find us now:

1) Dan has a personal blog! ChooseThinking.com is the place to find new thoughts from the man himself.

2) A Solution That Works is on Twitter. Everybody’s tweeting….even my Mom is on Twitter. You may have already heard about our Quicken Loans Twitter or Quizzle Twitter accounts before, but to help spread the word of our fantastic housing proposal, you can follow @ASolution for updates to our progress.

3) I started a Facebook group! We’ve got 205 members (and counting) in less than 36 hours. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you should get one. Then you can join our group and start stalking all those bullies from high school. I mean, uhhh….reconnect with friends. To join our group, just search "A Solution That Works" on Facebook and we’ll be the first result. Or you can friend me and I’ll invite you to the party.

Continue reading ““A Solution That Works” and how you can help” »

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