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The DIFF welcomes a new Bizdom biz: PostEGram

Another installment for our Bizdom Biz Feature series. This time, we welcome PostEGram to the Quicken Loans family. Read on to learn more about this awesome new venture!

DIFF welcomes a new Bizdom biz: PostEGram

If you’re like millions of Americans, chances are you’re on Facebook. Furthermore, odds are you’re uploading lots of photographs.  About 2.5 Billion images are uploaded to Facebook every month. It seems as if it has never been easier to share your life in pictures with your family and friends, right?

Well it certainly is easy to connect on Facebook, but the truth is there may be someone special missing all those snapshots of school events, birthday parties and vacations—and that person is Grandma. Statistics show that about half of all Americans over the age of 65 do not have Internet access. So while you’re uploading images from your mobile phone, poor Grandma is looking in her mailbox looking for a letter from you.

That’s where PostEgram comes in. 

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Quicken Loans Facebook Fans: Win a Fathead!

fatheadCalling all Facebook fanatics!

In the spirit of the Cleveland Cavaliers playoff run, we will be giving away a FREE LeBron James Fathead (estimated value $99.99) in a random drawing of our Facebook fans today (5/7/2010)!

We’ll notify the winner by a message through Facebook. If you are currently a Quicken Loans Facebook fan, good luck! If you’re not a fan, you have until 5:00pm EST today to become one and get a chance to win!

Please spread the word!

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Quicken Loans customer service featured in PRWeek webinar – From Foe to Friend

Quicken Loans customer service featured in PRWeek webinar: From Foe to Friend - Turning online critics into brand ambassadorsI like to think we've done some innovative stuff here at Quicken Loans regarding online customer service and social media. It's been a passion of ours for several years now and it's great when results come back and get noticed.

Earlier this month Quicken Loans was featured in a WOMMA webinar about online customer service. I'm also be on the faculty of the upcoming WOMMA School of WOM in May in Chicago (I highly urge everyone with an interest in word of mouth marketing to attend the School of WOM – you'll be happy you did).

And next week Quicken Loans has been asked to sit on the panel of PRWeek's webinar - From Foe to Friend: Turning online critics into brand ambassadors.

It's a free webinar and I recommend signing up. You'll get some great advice and best practices from four online customer service experts, including our own Kelly LaVaute.

Don't miss it! You can sign up here.

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Quicken Loans blog chosen as one of Jason Keath’s top 10 corporate blogs

10 Great Corporate Blogs from Jason Keath features the Quicken Loans blogJust a quick thank you to Jason Keath for mentioning us today in his blog post 10 Great Corporate Blogs

It's an honor and we are very impressed to be included along such blogs as Zappos, GM Fastlane, Southwest's blog, among other very cool blogs.

Check out the full list at the link above.

Thanks again Jason. We'll try to keep this blog interesting and relevant. Hopefully we'll stay in your top 10.

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Twitter as a customer service tool – yeah it works for us and many others according to USA Today

Quicken Loans Named by USA Today as One of the Top Companies Using Twitter for Customer ServiceQuicken Loans was featured yesterday in an article in USA Today about companies using Twitter as a customer service tool.

While we are VERY happy to be included in a national article about Twitter and although this might be news to some, it's not news to us. We've known for over a year now that Twitter is an AMAZING way to connect to our clients.

We love Twitter.

We've started loans with Twitter. Better yet, we've SAVED loans with Twitter, where something was going badly wrong and we were able to find out about it and correct it before it was too late. This is hard ROI that we can attribute to Twitter. We know it works and, like I said, we love Twitter.

Kellyatquickenloans is our official Twitter leader and she's in there darn near 24/7 – always available to help anyone with a question or perceived problem. Twitter is a very easy way for our clients to reach us and we actually like the fact that it's public. We want to show the world that we are real people who can help people. We don't like hiding behind things. We don't mind being out in the open. We know we can't help everyone, but we sure can try.

So if anyone every has a question for us, about us, or about anything to do with mortgages or personal finance, ask Kelly. She's there to help.

On Twitter.

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The Price of Being Obama’s Neighbor: $1,849,000

HouseThis article was originally published on Mortgage News, but I thought I'd share it with the rest of our readers on What's the Diff as well :)

It’s a well known fact that President Obama is from Chicago. However, we rarely talk about his house or the neighborhood he lived in. This all ended when President Obama’s neighbors decided to sell their house. While social media and online marketing has long been used by corporations (i.e. Sony’s Stop Writing on My Wall Campaign), this is one of the few times we see individuals using media to sell their house.

According to zillow.com, the Grimshaws (owners of the house next door to the Obamas) tried to market the fact that their house is next door to the President’s house. The couple hired the Matt Garrison Group, a sales team within Coldwell Banker, and created a website promoting the sale of this house.

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Quicken Loans & Fathead Summer Internships for 2009

Quicken Loans Internships - Summer 2009
We're proud to have been a part of the FORBES "Best Companies to Work For" list for 6 years running. And I'm also proud to say that I started as an intern here in 2005 and am still happy with the choice I made to stick around.

When you're an intern here, you don't just learn about the one team you're on. You learn everything. You don't just get coffee. You do everything. And at Quicken Loans, you also get paid!

Check out the long list of available internships – some are at sister company Fathead and some are right at Quicken Loans. There's even one internship open on our team! Don't all rush at once to apply for that one at once though….there is something for everyone.

At Quicken Loans, we have the following internships open in our Livonia offices:

The following internships are available at Fathead (also in Livonia):

Use the links to check out the job descriptions and you can apply there too at QuickenLoansCareers.com

Tell them the DIFF sent ya. Good luck!

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Twitart hits the pages of Twitter Power – get a really cool Twitter background

Twitart offers cool Twitter backgroundsImagine how surprised we were when we found out that one of the DIFF crew was featured in a new book that promises to help you "dominate your market one tweet at a time."

That's right. The DIFF's own Chris Kaufman (aka Dr. Kaufman) runs a side hustle called Twitart and it is turning out to be one helluva side hustle. In fact, it's such a great idea that it deserves a coveted spot as "something that is the DIFF."

Anyway, a new book from NY Times best-selling author Joel Comm called Twitter Power features Twitart as a great spot to get a really cool and professional looking Twitter background. And that it is.

Actually, Twitart is enjoying a bit of an explosion in business and popularity lately, due to the fact it has two very important elements on its side:

  1. it's cool
  2. it's inexpensive

Sounds good to me.

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Detroit Tweet Ups: Royal Oak 2009

So…..we Twitter. Have we told you? I'm pretty sure we have.  There’s probably 15-20 people in our office that I know of who Twitter and a growing 6+ million people actually on Twitter.

But until last week, Twitter was just a website. One I visited often, yes. One I liked a lot, yes. One I had met a lot of people on, yes. But I didn’t really know these people. Until last week.

I caught wind of a Tweet-Up about a month ago. Turns out, these virtual people I interacted with every day were going to meet up. IN REAL LIFE. Face-to-face.

At first, I hesitated. What would they think of me in real life? I don’t really look like a little cartoon house as my Twitter page would suggest.  My real name is Kelly, not @QuickenLoans. I can’t spout mortgage rates without my trusty Market Update in my hand. I don't actually speak in 140 character increments. And, even worse, though my mother will be horrified I admitted this, I may or may not swear a lot in real life. I keep it clean for the Twitter.

But the Tweet-Up was at a bar. So that basically sealed the deal for me. (Kidding, Mom!)

I managed to talk a few of my work comrades into going with me. If it’s not fun, we’ll just pretend we’re there for dinner, I promised. 

But once we got there, my fear subsided. These were MY type of people. While most of my friends yell at me for checking my phone, these people celebrated it. I slapped a name tag on (Twitter handles only) and started mingling.

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Detroit’s Sacred Places – how the Detroit Institute of Arts used social media to promote an exhibit

Detroits Sacred Places is a great example of art and social media used togetherThis is a story of two things I love – art and social media – coming together in a cool way.

This past summer, the Detroit Institute of Arts (we call it the DIA here in the D) had an exhibit Kenro Izu: Sacred Places and wanted to promote it. It was a cool exhibit by the way.

So, the DIA set up a Detroit’s Sacred Places Flickr page, a blog called Detroit Sacred Places, and asked anyone interested to submit a photo that was their version of somewhere in Detroit they consider sacred.

The winner is this pic (I don’t think I’m allowed to copy it here so I’ll just link to it). It’s amazing. A tree sapling growing out of rotting books at a defunct and abandoned DPS book warehouse. Out of urban decay and neglect, life shines through and continues.  I love it.

Here are the other winners.

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