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It’s All-Ways or No Ways

All-Ways Towing Moves This Quicken Loans Guest BloggerBy Paul J. Pickett

Have you ever heard anyone brag on how good a towing company is? 

No way.

Me either.

So I can hardly believe I’m writing this post.  Okay, so here’s how it went down.  My wife called me at work a few evenings ago and said her car wouldn’t start – the engine wouldn’t even “turn over” (read: no sound when she turned the key). Since I’ve never had a stellar tow company experience, I Googled “towing company in Farmington Hills, MI” to find one close to my wife and her car. A bunch of companies popped up, but one stuck out to me – All-Ways Towing – because of the numerous testimonials from people who used words like “honest,” “ inexpensive,”  and “fast.”

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