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Quicken Loans Helps Nigerian Student Reunite With Mom After 10 Years

Sometimes you read something that makes you proud. Proud to be part of an organization that does great things for people. Sometimes those people are people you’ve never heard of.

This is one of those times.

Here’s the recap: USA Today and the Detroit Free Press reported yesterday about Wayne State University  student Victor Chukwueke, a Nigerian national, who dreamed of reuniting with his family that he left 10 years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor in the US. Chekwueke suffers from neurofibromatosis, a disorder that causes tumor growth in the nervous system.

Despite this, Chukweke is graduating from WSU with honors and is speaking to his graduating class at commencement.

Here’s where Quicken Loans got involved. Chukweke wanted his mother to attend his graduation and Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans founder) used connections to make sure that happened. From the Freep:

“I was reading the paper and the story caught my eye,” said Joyce Keller, philanthropic adviser for the company. Dan Gilbert…has a relative with neurofibromatosis. “With everything (Chukwueke) has been through and this one obstacle still standing in his way, it was an easy decision to see if we could help.”

Great story. Hope you like it.

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Twitter as a customer service tool – yeah it works for us and many others according to USA Today

Quicken Loans Named by USA Today as One of the Top Companies Using Twitter for Customer ServiceQuicken Loans was featured yesterday in an article in USA Today about companies using Twitter as a customer service tool.

While we are VERY happy to be included in a national article about Twitter and although this might be news to some, it's not news to us. We've known for over a year now that Twitter is an AMAZING way to connect to our clients.

We love Twitter.

We've started loans with Twitter. Better yet, we've SAVED loans with Twitter, where something was going badly wrong and we were able to find out about it and correct it before it was too late. This is hard ROI that we can attribute to Twitter. We know it works and, like I said, we love Twitter.

Kellyatquickenloans is our official Twitter leader and she's in there darn near 24/7 – always available to help anyone with a question or perceived problem. Twitter is a very easy way for our clients to reach us and we actually like the fact that it's public. We want to show the world that we are real people who can help people. We don't like hiding behind things. We don't mind being out in the open. We know we can't help everyone, but we sure can try.

So if anyone every has a question for us, about us, or about anything to do with mortgages or personal finance, ask Kelly. She's there to help.

On Twitter.

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Elephants as artists: who needs opposable thumbs?

Aside from writing, I have little to no artistic talent. I can’t draw to save my soul and I never really enjoyed art class for that particular reason. However, had I encountered an elephant in my art class, I might have paid more attention.

I found an article in USA Today and subsequently started some Googling on the whole "elephant artist" topic. Not only are they painting a lot, they’re painting well.

Turns out, elephants have been showing off their artistic talents for years. Check out this YouTube video of an elephant who does a self-portrait. The video is about 8 minutes long, but totally worth it. Listen to the crowd reaction as they realize what the elephant is painting. The video has captured some 5 million+ views.

The paintings are sold to fund zoos and other conservation efforts. Depending on the animal’s popularity or how clear the image is, the paintings can be sold from $25 up to thousands and thousands of dollars. You can also buy paintings by sea lions or chimpanzees. One noted chimp artist, Congo, had his paintings sell 3 years ago for more than $25,000. Maybe I should have paid attention in art class.

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Euro DIFF-o

EuroCheapo.com is the ultimate go-to site for traveling in Europe! by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

By Paul J. Pickett

Many Americans dream of starting their own business and being their own boss. For Tom Meyers, his American dream began in Europe.  And truth be told, it didn’t begin with a "business plan" for Tom, it began with a love for travel and a desire to spend his life doing it.

So in 1998, recently graduated from Columbia University, he was brainstorming how he could leave his job in NYC and start a business that would "force" him to travel. He didn’t want the typical "9 to 5" desk job, he wanted a business that would get him traveling to Europe. And he wanted to do it often.

Fast forward to 2008 – mission accomplished. Tom is the founder and
editor of www.EuroCheapo.com, a free Internet guide to budget travel in
Europe, led by a team of travel experts who show up unannounced at
inexpensive hotels in 23 cities in Europe (and New York), check out the
rooms, and get a feel for each place. If they think its “The DIFF”
(they like it), they write a review and list the hotel on the site,
providing full, up-to-date information, so that users can book a room
immediately. I say that’s pretty DIFFtastic.

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Make a difference on Make a Difference Day 2007

Make A Difference Day 2007On this blog we write about things and people who make a difference.  So it seems obvious we should mention Make A Difference Day 2007.

Make A Difference Day is a national day of helping others — a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors. Anyone and everyone can participate.

Make A Difference Day was created by USA WEEKEND Magazine and is a yearly event that takes place on the fourth Saturday of every October. This year’s event is Saturday, October 27, 2007. 

The NFL has something to do with it also, but I not sure exactly what their involvement is.  Whatever they are doing for Make A Difference Day is cool.

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