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Hug Your Cat Day

Hug Your Cat DayToday, it’s Hug Your Cat Day! To our family, it’s always Hug Your Cat day. Well, my husband and I at least try to give “Myles”, our cat, the love he deserves whenever our four year-old is not trying to terrorize him.

We love hugging our Myles-e-o for several reasons:

  1. He’s not your typical cat. He actually thinks he’s a dog and he’s just as affectionate as any family dog. Myles will meow at you every time he wants attention from you. Or, he will just give you puppy eyes until you put him on your lap. Yes, we’re lucky. Every other cat I’ve had since I was a kid just wanted to be fed and sun bathe.
  2. He’s very talkative. We’ll literally sit and talk to Myles and he’ll meow back. Sometimes my husband jokes around and says stuff like “Myles, I don’t like cats. I like small dogs,” and the next thing you’ll hear is the loudest “Grrreow!” that you’ve ever heard. It still makes me laugh every single time.
  3. His purring is somewhat therapeutical. He’s so loud when he purrs that it sort of induces me into a trance. I can just pet him and concentrate on his purring and relax.
  4. He’s just part of the family. Yes, he gets in trouble for laying on our couches or going to certain areas of the house where he’s not allowed, but he’s still our very special cat.

So, if you’re a cat owner, remember to give your cat the love it deserves. If you don’t own a cat, you could volunteer at an animal shelter and share your love with the less fortunate furry creatures.

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Volunteer From the Comfort of Your Own Phone

Be Extraordinary

There are a lot of iPhone apps out there, some being more useful then others.  Some apps help with productivity, some let you be creative, others are games, and many help you get from place to place.  But the other day I came upon a completely different kind of app.  It’s an app that lets me volunteer, right from my phone! 

The Extraordinaries is an app that gives people an opportunity to help others while they’re going about their daily lives.  While you’re riding the subway to work, help AmeriCorps by tagging images in their archives.  Look at the photo and describe what you see.  Or when you’re walking with your kids in the park, take a photo of litter to help DoSomething.org raise awareness about pollution.  The Natural Area Preservation in Ann Arbor, Michigan just needs people to turn GPS on through the app when they walk down a trail in Ann Arbor.  And with the recent earthquake in Haiti, there are a lot of missing and displaced people.  You can look at some photos and describe the people in them so their loved ones can find them.

From the BeExtra.org website: “The Extraordinaries allows people to complete micro-tasks for organizations, causes or people they're passionate about, using a mobile phone or web browser, in a few minutes of spare time.”

We’re really busy people.  We have work and school and football games.  We spend time with our friends and our families.  We clean our houses and mow our lawns.  We want to help others and do more than just give money, but where do we find the time?  Luckily the guys over at BeExtra.org make it easy for us with the Extraordinaries iPhone app.  Of all the cool apps out there, I think this is one of the coolest.  And these guys are certainly doing something extraordinary. 

For more ideas on "ways to make a DIFFerence", check out this article on Time.com.

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Quicken Loans Marketing Team volunteers at Rock Financial Junior Achievement Park in Detroit


By Jen Whiteaker

Most of us know the real world isn’t all fun and games.  But the other day, some of us on the Quicken Loans Marketing Team were able to help show a group of students from Pontiac Northern High School how true that statement really is.

Four of us decided to give back to the community and volunteer at the Rock Financial Junior Achievement Finance Park in Detroit. Honestly, we went down not knowing what we would be doing or what the day would be like and were pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a lesson for us, too.

The Junior Achievement (JA) Finance Park is set up to give students a "real life" simulation about personal finance.  This isn’t your ordinary field trip.  The teachers are given a curriculum to incorporate into their classrooms weeks before they arrive at the park and the simulation is the capstone of that curriculum.

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Almost Home Animal Rescue: Absolutely the DIFF

Jill Scapelliti and her cat Rocco by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

By Jill Scapelliti

I have around twenty-five dogs and twenty-five cats. I know all their names and love each and every one of them. No, I am not a crazy cat lady (although my husband may disagree) or a dog sledding champ. I am a dedicated volunteer at Almost Home Animal Rescue in Southfield, one of the very few no-kill shelters in Michigan.

I head up to the shelter every week in my oldest shoes and faded clothes, knowing that I am going to put in some elbow-grease time as soon as I walk in the door. It’s not all easy work – but it’s worth every minute. These loving cats and dogs brighten my days more than they will ever know. I clean up "accidents;" I walk dogs on a leash that were most likely never given positive reinforcement; and I socialize with the cats and kittens, knowing that every second of time I spend with them makes worlds of difference as they await their "forever" homes.

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