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Fathead Tradeables reviewed on Beckett.com

Editor Chris Olds & Marketing Analyst Brian Fleischer from Beckett Media recently did an awesome video review for Quicken Loans sister company Fathead! Their review series is called Box Busters and on this installment, they reviewed Fathead Tradeables, which are 5"x7" peel-n-stick vinyl reusable vinyl graphics that come with a secret code to unlock fun on Tradeables.com. They really explain the Tradeables well in the review, so watch the video to learn more. Beckett.com is the #1 authority on sports collectibles, so we're so psyched they like Tradeables.

And if you're interested in buying the Tradeables or Fatheads, check out our online store. Thanks to Chris, Brian and Beckett Media for the review!

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The Price is Right: Quicken Loans family companies Cleveland Cavaliers and Fathead get in on the game

The Quicken Loans DIFF: Cleveland Cavaliers and Fathead on the Price is Right! Ever hear of The Price is Right? It’s only the most successful game show in TV history, with a 30+ year run on CBS! The show is now hosted by Cleveland native and REAL.BIG. Cleveland sports fan Drew Carey!

Well, our Quicken Loans siblings over at Fathead and the Cleveland Cavaliers worked their magic, coming up with an amazing Fathead and Cleveland Cavaliers prize package that will be featured on The Price is Right not just once, but twice, in the next few weeks! 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 14th, lucky contestants will play for the opportunity to win the Fathead/Cavaliers package as the coveted Showcase Showdown!  The package includes: an all expense paid trip to Cleveland to watch the Cavs in the NBA Play Offs from courtside seats (plus behind-the-scenes tours), two Fathead XZipit luxury recliners with favorite team logos, a pair of LeBron James Fathead wall graphics, Fathead PDA skins, memorabilia and much more!

Then, in an episode airing on MAY 5th, during the NBA playoffs, contestants have a chance to win it again. Yep, Drew had so much fun with it the first time, they decided to tape a second episode … the second one also will feature Drew Carey having some Fathead fun during half-time at The Q!

Check your local TV listings to determine the time and CBS station it will air on in your area:  http://www.tvguide.com/.

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