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Losing a Lifetime of Patronage for a Measly $3

It started with a lunch date at a local Italian restaurant chain. My friend and I were enjoying their famous soup and salad combo. About three bites into my soup, I noticed a serious foreign object on my spoon. It was a maggot. In fact, upon further discovery, I found several in my bowl. The manager was notified and made a weak attempt to rectify the situation by offering a new bowl from a fresh pot, but I declined. Too mortified to stay, I prepared to leave after receiving my bill. At this point I discovered the manager had charged us for the salad portion of our meal. We’re talking a grand total of $2.95 per salad. My initial thought was this had to be a joke. Was I on Candid Camera?  Did this guy not realize what I had potentially put in my mouth?  I reluctantly paid the bill and left; never to return.

We have all had our share of bad experiences dining out. Usually it’s terrible service, or issues with food. Whether or not we return to the scene of the crime, for most of us, depends on the outcome of the experience. A simple apology might do, or maybe compensation of some sort. I was not expecting much from that manager. He could have picked up the tab and sincerely apologized and I would have considered coming back. How he treated my friend and me that day would have made all the difference in the world. He could have done the right thing and recognized my experience for the extreme situation it was. His actions showed he was more concerned with the loss of sale of the salad. Ultimately, what he lost was a customer for life for a measly $3.00. I hope it was worth it!

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