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What’s the DIFF? Disposable Shoe Covers!

By Art Steiber

What’s the DIFF? Disposable Shoe Covers!
No one has ever told me about a great experience they had with a cable company.  And I doubt too many people have ever been impressed by the work the cable service guy did when he came out to fix a problem.  In fact, you’re usually ticked off at them because the cable went out in the first place, even though, of course, it’s not the cable guy’s fault it went out.

Well last week when my internet and phone service that we get through the cable company went out I was definitely ticked off.  I called the Wide Open West (WOW) Customer Service department (on my cell) to report the problem.  I’ve had to call WOW two or three times in the past few years when the cable or internet have gone out and their customer service on the phone has been great.  They listen, ask good questions to identify the problem and have been able to do something on their end to fix it.  So although I was annoyed that I had to call, I figured they’d get it fixed with a phone call. 

No such luck this time.  After spending about 20 minutes on the phone while they had me unplug and reconnect every cable, reset the modem and reboot a few times, they decided they needed to send a serviceman out to look at it.

The next day, Saturday, the cable guy shows up about 5:00PM (they said he’d be there before 8:00PM.)  When he stepped inside the front door the first thing he did was reach in his pocket and pull out two hospital- blue disposable shoe covers and put them over his work boots!  I’ve had a lot of servicemen to the house over the years – electricians, plumbers, painters, other cable guys – but have never had anyone put on shoe covers.  He didn’t make a big deal about it; in fact he didn’t say a word about them.  Just put them on and said “Where’s your computer?”

Well, he spent all of about two minutes checking the modem and then said he was going to look at the cable outside.  Three minutes later he was at the front door again saying he had fixed the problem and was all set.  He’d replaced something in the box where the cable comes into the house.  He apologized for the inconvenience and said good-bye.

As he walked down the walk (instead of cutting across the grass) and went to his van I checked to see if he’d removed his shoe covers.  He had. 

Little things do make a difference.   

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  1. My cable guy uses the blue shoe covers too–my cats are terrified of them.

    Posted by: Wilson | November 21, 2006
  2. I love the blue shoe covers – I wish I could give them to everyone that visits my home!

    Posted by: Rosie Dusseau | November 21, 2006
  3. I’m glad that someone had a good experience with WOW cable company. I unfortunately had a WOW guy come to my house (which by the way I do not have WOW cable, my neighbors did) and put their ladder in my flower garden and tear my plants to get to my neighbor’s wires. This unfortunate incident has led me not to ever get cable with WOW.
    It’s always the little things….

    Posted by: Mel | November 22, 2006
  4. Are you sure they weren’t just trying to protect their shoes from your carpet? :-)

    Posted by: JK | November 22, 2006
  5. I wish AT&T would have done this when they came out to install our DISH. It was ealry spring and the sod had not been installed in our new home, so basically our yard was dirt (and mud). The rep tracked dirt all over our brand new house and carpet. After a month of complaining and writing I got AT&T to cover the carpet cleaning bill.

    Posted by: Kzas | December 1, 2006

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