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An Angel on Her Shoulder

Mikebolach The number one rule in business is to make a profit, right?  Regardless of how you get the job done, just get it done, right?  It’s business, not personal. Right?  Well, that might work for Michael Corleone, but at Quicken Loans/Rock Financial, we take a bit a different view.  We believe that business is personal and treating people professionally and with respect is the difference between a happy client and an angry client.  Check out the story below. This is an actual e-mail sent from a Quicken Loans/Rock Financial client, Jan, who credits her mortgage banker, Mike Bolach (pictured here), with doing a lot more than just selling her a mortgage:

"My name is Jan. I have a very special story to share. I sent an e-mail to Rock Financial back in December of 2005 to inquire if I could possibly be eligible for a home loan. I am 30 years old and the mother of two. At the time, I was very skeptical because I knew that my credit wasn’t the greatest. The very next day an “angel” from Rock Financial returned my phone call. He was very pleasant. I was very up-front with my situation and I told him the importance of me moving into an area where schools and neighborhoods were conducive to raising a family. He was very compassionate. I told my angel that if my credit wasn’t promising enough, I would at least need direction as to what I could do to get to where I wanted to be. The very same day, I received a phone call back from my angel. He told me that the loan would be possible and gave me directives on what to fix on my credit report. During the mean time, my angel kept in contact with me to see how everything was coming along.

"Then, on June 12, 2006 there was a shooting on my street. My children were outside playing as the shooting occurred. I was very hysterical over this incident and immediately called my angel the next morning. My angel listened to my story again and said that he would do everything in his power to move my family. I was nearly in tears on the phone with him. I received a call back from my angel the very same day with good news that I could start shopping for a new home. Being that I had never been a homeowner my angel contacted an outside real estate agent for me. My angel called me everyday until the purchase agreement was signed.

"Through the entire process, my angel was extremely helpful. He called me after work hours and from his cell phone. He even found $2,000 for me to use for my closing costs! If it wasn’t for my angel being so very diligent in explaining the details, I am sure that I would not have gone through with the process.

"I am now a proud owner of a 2200 sq ft. home in a nice quiet area with blue ribbon schools; the house even came with a hot tub for me to enjoy!! It is because of my angel that this has happened for my family."

I know it’s a little long, but it really shows how the little things can make such a BIG impact on others. That’s the difference. We have a strict policy here at Quicken Loans: EVERY client, EVERY time, NO excuses, NO EXCEPTIONS. I think it’s a fair guess that Jan likes that policy!

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