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Great Customer Service for a Great Product

By Chris Kaufman

Great Customer Service for a Great Product
I had been wanting a Dyson vacuum for some time, although as appealing as the “doesn’t lose suction” claim is, I couldn’t bring myself to dish out the $500 to $600 it takes to bring one of these domestic powerhouses home.

Recently, however, one of my local warehouse stores closed up shop
and moved one of their locations across town and had a big sale on
display merchandise in order to clear their shelves. I was fortunate to
come across an out-of-box Dyson vacuum and got quite a deal on it too
at about 25 percent of the normal price.

Since the vacuum was a display model, it was missing one of the
on-board attachments that are normally included with the DC15 model.
After locating the part online, I discovered it would’ve cost me about
$30, including taxes and shipping, to replace the missing accessory – a
small cost considering the deal I got on the vacuum.

When I called Dyson to order the replacement part, much to my
surprise, the telephone rang just once and a real person answered the
phone – no holding, no cheesy elevator music, no pressing 1,2,3, etc. I
was already impressed. I explained my situation to the Dyson
representative and told her exactly which part I wanted to order.
Although Dyson could have had me pay for the part, they instead took my
name and address and said I was all set. Dyson was so pleased I
purchased one of their vacuum cleaners (even though it was a display
model, clearance priced at 75 percent off and without a box) they gave
me the part for free.

I got a great deal on the vacuum, received the best customer service
of my life, and best of all, the Dyson vacuum really doesn’t lose

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  1. Its very rare you come across a company where a real person answers the phone, lately I have been dealing with Expedia.com where they actually place you on hold, a robot tells you that you will be serviced by the next available representative and then once they realize their call volume is too high, the robot tells you to call back later and THEN HANGS UP ON YOU!!!! Great customer service there….you are lucky to work with a company who actually cares about their customers!!!

    Posted by: Kriste | December 29, 2006

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