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Going Above and Beyond the Call


By Janet Osborne

I always liked the Children’s World Learning Centers in Brighton, Michigan where I often sent my daughters. My oldest began going there when she was 11 months old, and when my youngest was born, we enrolled her when she was just six weeks old. The facility was clean, the daycare workers were friendly and caring, and the feeling that my kids were being well-cared-for was well worth the money we paid.

But it wasn’t until my husband died unexpectedly on Christmas in 2004 that I found out how very special that daycare was.

In the days after his death, I had to make several decisions, including whether my girls (who were one and three years old) should attend the funeral or not. After talking with several child psychologists, I decided that they should not attend, but I was faced with the problem of who would watch them.

My husband and I had made the decision a few weeks before his death that he would stay home with our daughters while I worked, so the girls were no longer going to the daycare at that time. I called the daycare anyway, knowing how close the workers had gotten to our whole family. Not only did they immediately agree to keep my girls that day, they also offered to keep any other kids in my family that would need someone to sit for them. (Three of my younger cousins ended up going to the daycare that day as well.)

After the funeral, when we went to pick the kids up, the daycare workers had dug into their own pockets to buy an entire table full of food for me and some toys for the girls. They refused payment for the girls and also for my cousins, and gave me a free week of daycare to use when I would need it later. Each of the teachers in my daughters room’s also wrote the girls a letter telling them what they had observed about their dad.

In the months that followed, several of the staff helped me out time and time again—babysitting after hours, taking the girls home with them when I had to work late, even taking me out for a night on the town and arranging a sitter for that night. The girls and I are much better off today because of their kindness and generosity.

I believe that a company is only as good as the people that they hire…and this group of people was phenomenal!

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  1. The DIFF Blog Team would like to extend our deepest sympathies for the loss of Janet’s husband and the girls’ father.

    Posted by: Amy Prior | January 17, 2007
  2. This is an amazing story. WOW! What an exceptional business…the world needs more of its kind…that’s for sure!

    Posted by: Corey | January 17, 2007
  3. It’s amazing how a group of people can come together and help so much in a time when you feel helpless! Your daycare team deserves props for truly caring about their kids AND parents!

    Posted by: Marie | January 17, 2007
  4. This is a great story of how going the extra step can help in so many ways. Typically, family doesn’t know what they should do at a time like this and this company knew exactly how to help.

    Posted by: Melissa | January 18, 2007

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