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Got Junk?

By Christy Brewer

So, I’ll have to just admit a bunch of stuff up front. After living in the same house for eight years with three boys (okay, one of them is Hubby), you accumulate stuff. And, although I’d like to think I’m Martha Stewart (Confession #1), I didn’t keep up with donating stuff as we were done with it. Both my basement and garage were packed with junk (Confession #2). No, you don’t understand. I couldn’t see the floor. Really, we’re talking about opening a box and finding Mike’s first computer, an Apple IIe.

Why were we saving this stuff, anyway?

Over the course of a month, Mike changed jobs and all of a sudden I find myself orchestrating relocation of our family to Greenville, South Carolina. Insert all that advice about “staging” a house for sale, and I realized I had a problem.

Now, you can’t sort through stuff if you can’t move it from one pile to another. Not when it’s all one, big pile. Then, you realize that your usual weekly trash pickup: 1) won’t take that much stuff in one trip and 2) won’t take computers, water heaters, and yard waste after November 30. Oh, and I can’t lift much, since I’m a shrimp (Confession #3).

Plus, I had no time to recycle.

Who saved me? A great company called “800-Got-Junk?” I didn’t realize that this was more than just a dumpster delivered to my driveway. The dumpster comes with two people who can lift stuff much heavier than me. The two people who came to my house were both dressed in clean uniforms and extremely friendly, without being weird.

They toured my piles of confessions, made notes, and quoted me a price. (Okay, it cost much more than just the dumpster, which is Confession #4—I’ll pay for convenience.) Then, without me having to lift a finger, they hauled all the stuff up from my basement with nothing more than a tiny, shallow scratch on the floor by the door. My freshly painted door trim is still in tact.

They even swept up and shook out the rug in the entry. I just about fell over.

Did I mention that they showed up on time? I signed up for a two-hour block on the Web site, and they called 15 minutes before that two-hour block to give me a specific arrival time.

I happily handed over a check after one hour of their time, and waved goodbye to all those confessions. Now I can go back to believing I have a shot at a house like Martha’s.

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  1. Love the story, and thanks for the phone number. i measure the success of each of my life’s weeks by how much junk i can get to the curb on Wednesday mornings.

    Posted by: kathy fawcett | January 19, 2007
  2. Let’s just say that we’ve had a discussion in my household about what’s viable to keep. ;-)

    Posted by: Christy | January 19, 2007
  3. I cant believe there is a company like this. They are probably selling your stuff on eBay as we speak. Do they offer some type of agreement that includes not re-selling the stuff they take from your house?

    Posted by: Corey | January 19, 2007
  4. But… tell me you didn’t through away the Apple IIe!

    Posted by: l.m.orchard | January 19, 2007
  5. Unfortunately, yes, she did throw the Apple IIe away. So sad!

    Posted by: Amy Prior | January 22, 2007
  6. Corey, they definitely have an agreement that they will recycle everything possible (including the IIe!), but no, they may not sell anything.
    So, it’s possible that the IIe, which was wrecked by water damage, was divided into parts and recycled as scrap.

    Posted by: Christy | January 22, 2007
  7. When i had too much stuff and kept moving from place to place (in my early-ish 20s) I called a mission (The Cherry Street Mission in Toledo, I lived there at the time). They will take just about anything that isnt broken, and use it to furnish rooms for local people who need it (this particular mission provided housing for people who were homeless or abused and had no where to go) – they would even take old toiletries, (deodorant you used once and decided you didnt like, half-empty bottles of shampoo, etc). And the best part of it was, they came with a van and took it for me. I had old coffee tables, boxes of stuffed animals/toys, shoes, clothes, towels…
    So for broken stuff and outdated computers and whatnot I can see tossing, but I wonder if there are any similar charities in the area that will pick up your unused sundries? I chose this particular charity because they came with a van and two guys to carry it. :D And it was free!

    Posted by: sheryls | January 24, 2007

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