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Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Ignorance Is not BlissA few years ago, my husband and I were in the market to buy a new car. The lease on Don’s Jeep Grand Cherokee was up and it was time to find something else. We walked into a local car dealership, already interested in a particular luxury sedan. However, we stood there for upwards of 30 minutes waiting for someone just to acknowledge we were there!

It wasn’t like they were all that busy, they just didn’t seem to want to help us.  And every time I tried to stop someone walking right by us to say,
“Hey, we’re interested in buying a car,” we were ignored completely!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. They didn’t even stop to say, “Thanks for coming in, folks. Someone will be with you in just a moment.” (Had they done just that little thing, I wouldn’t be so annoyed at them.)

To this day, I can’t figure out why they ignored us. Perhaps it was our clothes? But then, we weren’t dressed shabbily or even shabby chic. We didn’t have on ripped jeans or grungy t-shirts. Ok, if not the clothes, then perhaps it was the fact that we looked young? I know people often mistake me for looking much younger than I am. Or maybe it was that we weren’t dripping with expensive diamonds or Tag Heuer watches. But then, that shouldn’t have mattered either. And it didn’t matter that we were ready to trade in a Jeep that was NOT cheap and were willing to buy another similarly-priced car. It didn’t matter that Don owns a very successful computer business and could afford to buy the car. They were completely uninterested.

Oh well. In the end, it was Erhard BMW of Farmington Hills, Michigan that got our business (notice their license plate frame on our car). They were extremely friendly and extremely interested in our business. They took care of us like we’d been loyal customers for years even though we’d never been there before. They gave us a pretty good deal and even treated me to a test-drive of my dream car—the BMW Z4—while we had to wait for some paperwork to be processed. (They even gave me a cool Z4 keychain!) When we have to take the car in for its scheduled maintenance, they always give me a nice loaner (something no other dealer’s ever done for me) and they’re very quick and efficient about it because they understand my time is important. So, if we decide to get another BMW when our lease is up, we’ll go back to Erhard—not just because we love the cars, but because we love the service they provide.

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  1. The idiots at the first dealership should read this blog post. Gee, losing a BMW sale probably isn’t a good thing? You think?

    Posted by: Frank | January 4, 2007
  2. Actually, it wasn’t a BMW we were first looking at when we were ignored. But yeah, they should read this.

    Posted by: Amy Prior | January 5, 2007

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