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More Cheese Please…

By Matt Cardwell

Lea Makes the Grilled CheeseIt’s 3 o’clock on a Thursday, we have two hours of daylight left and at least four hours until dinner. Suddenly I see an e-mail with the following subject land in my inbox: Grilled Cheese Anyone?

It’s from Lea, our Interactive Creative Director, who decided to take a break from all of that designin’ stuff to create another kind of masterpiece for the team: the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

That’s right. Grilled cheese sandwiches. At 3 p.m. At work.

Lea broke out the electric griddle, set it up on the Web site Marketing Team table and started taking orders for what has to be one of the best comfort foods on the planet.

Matt With a Grilled CheeseSo what’s Lea’s secret?

When you’re making a dish that only includes two ingredients (okay, three, if you count the butter), the difference between good and great is all about … well … the ingredients. In this case, a thick slab of Hoffman’s super sharp cheddar between two slices of Asiago cheese bread made by the bakers at VG’s Food Center in Fenton, MI. Slather it with butter, grill it to that perfect crisp-tender point, and you have something so much greater than the mere sum of its parts. 

The cheese, Lea points out, is critical because you need a really sharp cheese to give it some bite, but it also needs to be able to melt nice and gooey like American. The Hoffman super sharp does exactly that.

Now pass the tomato soup and enjoy.

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  1. Mmmm… nothing like grilled cheese! And at work, no less!

    Posted by: Ann-Marie | January 5, 2007

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