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DSW Shoes – No Questions Asked!

By Carissa Shulman

I went to DSW to buy a pair of boots recently. I found what I was looking for quickly and was excited to see that there weren’t any lines at the front of the store. As I approached the cashier, a gentleman sitting at the doors walked up and asked for a pair of scissors to cut a string on one of his new shoes. It appeared that he had just purchased a pair and wanted to wear them out of the store. The cashier took the shoe from him and walked to the office at the end of the cash wrap.

I waited patiently and after a couple of minutes I wondered what took so long to get a pair of scissors, but reminded myself that I wasn’t in any hurry (for once). The gentleman apologized to me as he walked over to the office and I smiled and said it was no big deal. The cashier replied that they just found them and she was exiting the office with his shoe.

She apologized for the wait and thanked me for my patience. It really wasn’t that long of a wait and as she rang up my new boots she stated that she was taking 10% off for the inconvenience. I was so impressed because I hadn’t complained once about the wait and my body language did not indicate that I was upset. No questions asked, DSW delivered great service.

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  1. I purchased shoes on Sunday7/22/07 in fact two pair. The pair that I wore to work the next morning stretched out of shape and rubbed a blister on ly heel. So I went back to the store and to my amazement the store manager would not even give me consideration. In essence her body language said
    “we got your money to bad the product did not hold up. When I asked her to consider the fact that I am a member of the shoe club and have shopped at DWS for many years,, the Columbus store is my favorite.. she just said they are worn and you can not return. It was not her answer so much as her attitude. The second pair shoes I purchased caost 70.00 bucks so I went home and took those back.. no reason to shop where you get no satisfaction. I know in fact in the past I returned shoes to the Mayfiend road store and the manager let me select another pair. WHat is tje purpose of making your customers not want to shop.. is she that unhappy with her job. I will not return to that location again

    Posted by: unhappy DSW shopper | July 23, 2007
  2. I will never buy from DSW again. In my experience, miscommunicate store policy and fall back on the inconsistencies to renege on doing what they say they are going to do. I choose to do business with companies who follow through and own up if they’ve made a mistake. You’d think in the 2009 economy they’d be interested in keeping a customer. But they seem more interested in wasting my time.

    Posted by: VERY Unhappy DSW ex-customer | March 4, 2009

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