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It Ain’t The Good Ol’ Boys’ Bonus Network

My previous job was at a pretty cool place. It was funky. We could drink beer at our desks. The walls were brick and it had those cool heating/cooling ducts that look like they are from the movie Brazil. There were literally dozens of great restaurants and coffee shops/bars were within a five-block walk.

And did I mention we could drink beer at our desks?

As I said it was pretty cool, but the place did something that made the difference in a really bad way. They only gave bonuses to managers.

Yup. When things were going well (which they were until the Detroit auto industry began to tank), they rewarded managers with a big phat bonus.

That’s right.

For all their hard work, managers got paid and employees got played.

We blew it off for the most part, but there was no denying it left a sour taste in our mouths. It really discouraged us from feeling like company family. Think about it, why should someone put in the extra inches so their boss can get rewarded?

The place was run by sharp people, so it never made any sense. I mean, did they think we didn’t KNOW they were getting performance bonuses? And I realize management is driving the train. But someone has to build the track for the train to roll on.

If the team is winning, everyone should share in the glory.

That would have made a big difference!

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  1. Hearing that, I’d argue just how “smart” they are. Wow.

    Posted by: Christy | February 2, 2007
  2. I got fired from Possum. A Squared is like one of those towns I used to build for my model railroads… I found it very fake… I could still smell the model glue.

    Posted by: Billy Leopradskinhousen | February 6, 2007

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