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Leroy Sievers – The Power of Sharing

Leroy Sievers is a great writer and story teller.  NPR morning listeners know him through his blog and regular radio features about his battle with cancer. 

His blog, My Cancer, is a daily chronicle of his life as he deals with cancer treatment.  It can be touching, funny, scary, and heart-wrenching.

In his own words: "As we go forward, no topic, no matter how painful, is going to be off limits. Because if we don’t talk about it, who will?"

Do yourself a favor and read his blog.

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  1. Thanks, Clay. I enjoy your posts. They are almost always positive, insightful and uplifting. Thanks for introducing us to the people and ideals that are The Diff.

    Posted by: Mike D. | February 6, 2007

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