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Best Lessons Learned From Our Recruiters

By Michelle Salvatore

When you’re applying for a job anywhere, there are just some things you really need to do to at least appear professional.

Lesson 1: Leaving a professional outgoing message on your voicemail.
Lesson 2: Calling back your recruiter.

Lesson 1: Leaving a professional outgoing message on your voicemail.

We recently called a candidate that applied for a position with us. When we made the call the first time, the candidate said he was out partying with his boys and for us to call him back at a later time. When we called back at a “later time,” we were sent directly to voicemail. The voicemail message referenced a couple of expletives and said he was “out smoking dope and hanging with the boys. If you want to leave a message, go ahead…no guarantee I want to talk to you though.”

Needless to say, we didn’t leave a message and declined the candidate.

Moral of the story: If you are looking for a new career, make sure your voicemail is professional! If you decided to answer your phone and you don’t know who it is, tell them that it’s not a good time to talk and get their number so you can call them back. That way, even if you really are “smoking dope and hanging with the boys,” the other party won’t know and you may still have a shot at a great career opportunity!

Lesson 2: Calling back your recruiter.

We recently called a candidate, Brian or Bryan. Not sure of his last name, because when he called the recruiter back, he didn’t leave his last name or a phone number—just that Brian called back. Thanks Brian! Or Bryan!! Not sure which! Next time you leave a message, leave us your last name…and a phone number would help too!

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  1. Good advice. Some people just don’t have common sense!

    Posted by: Fred | March 23, 2007
  2. Some people forget that what sounded cute on a Friday night is still there, broadcasting to the world.
    Don’t forget any email signatures on your personal email. Many people are excellent at keeping work email professional, and let it out in their personal email… unfortunately, they choke when realizing they can’t put that work email address on there… the personal one gets listed, and people just don’t think through the rest of the process. ;-)
    It’s a matter of thinking things all the way through, and never assuming anything.

    Posted by: Christy | March 23, 2007

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