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If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

Are you harder on yourself than anyone else in your life? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Besides myself, there’s a very successful and well-respected person that used to have the same problem. His name is Bill Emerson and he just happens to be the CEO of Quicken Loans.

I had the pleasure of sitting through a Q & A with Bill yesterday and asked him what he thought were the biggest, most positive changes he’s made within himself since starting with the company. Among his answers, I was comforted to hear, was that he too suffered from negative self-talk. By acknowledging that this sort of thinking was negatively impacting him as a person and a professional, he said, he began to change his thinking. And years later, he says he’s much better for it.

I personally identified with this problem and felt reassured that one of my respected leaders in the company had the same thoughts and was able to overcome and change his thinking for the better. It immediately inspired me. But how does one stop those negative thoughts and change them into positive thinking? Don’t worry, I’m on it. The Mayo Clinic talks about just this: Positive Thinking: A Skill for Stress Relief. Yep, besides possibly making you a better person, positive self-talk apparently will help relieve stress as well.

Can you make a DIFF within yourself and change the negative into the positive?

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