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Quicken Loans Goes Out of the Way To Get Documents SignedThis is a cool story. 

A Quicken Loans client from West Virginia, Mr. Shelly, had some loan documents that needed to be signed and approved before his loan could be processed. The problem was that he is a truck driver and spends most of his time on the road, making it difficult to arrange a signing.

So what did Andrew, his mortgage banker do? 

He met him on the road, when the truck driver was travelling near Detroit.  The driver was amazed.

"How about that for customer service?" was the first thing he said when he met Andrew.

Yup, how about that…

Watch a video testimonal from Mr. Shelly as he tells the story of his awesome Quicken Loans experience

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  1. I have visited your site 540-times

    Posted by: Visitor358 | July 29, 2007
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    Posted by: ISO 13485 Implementation | November 24, 2008
  3. I don’t know anything about this particular lender, but I know for sure that any lending business would try to deceive and rip us off using our unfamiliarity with their legal language and tricks. Moreover the government would not protect us nor help us in any way. This government itself is a government of swindlers and thieves. Therefore we must learn as much as we can before we meet them and be very careful not allowing them to defraud us.

    Posted by: Alex K | October 2, 2009
  4. Hi Alex – thanks for commenting. I can assure you we never try to deceive or rip people off. We actually pride ourselves on how simple and easy-to-understand our process is here. We absolutely believe in educating our clients about their best mortgage options before they commit to anything or close their loan. In fact, 9 out out 10 clients would recommend us to their friends and family – a sure-fire sign that they trust us and feel they understood our process and are happy with their new mortgage. I certainly understand your concerns, but we strive to give every client a great experience here and I just wanted to make sure you knew that.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time.
    Thanks again for visiting the Quicken Loans DIFF blog!
    Quicken Loans

    Posted by: Kelly at Quicken Loans | October 7, 2009
  5. So they LO took the final closing dox on the road for the trucker to sign. Nice..but where was the title company rep. who had to notarize it all?

    Posted by: Gary Hall | November 6, 2009

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