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Your Best Year Yet

By Paul J. Pickett

Would you take career advice from The Newsmaker of the Year?

I did.

From Dan Gilbert, to be exact. Allow me to explain.

A few months ago I received a thank you card from with a gift certificate to Borders for my three-year anniversary with Quicken Loans. The card and gift certificate was from Dan Gilbert and Bill Emerson. Grateful for the gesture, I thanked them both via e-mail. Shortly thereafter, they both replied with words of encouragement.

I wasn’t surprised. Dan and Bill are some of the most down-to-earth “big shots” you’ll ever meet. They probably won’t even like that I’ve referred to them as “big shots” but you get the point. Anyway, in Dan’s reply to me was the advice that inspired this post. The last line in his e-mail to me was, “…encourage yourself to make this your best year yet!” Can you believe that? He didn’t say “I encourage you to make this your best year yet,” he told me to encourage myself.

As I reflect back, I’ve got to tell you that was probably some of the best advice I’ve ever been given, career or otherwise. Think about it. None of us have the luxury of a personal exhorter–you know, someone who has been designated to cheer us on to greatness every second of every day, through the good and the bad. But Dan was telling me to be that person for myself. And he would tell you the same thing.

I took Dan’s advice to heart because I know he’s had to live this himself (Bill talks about this too). Do you think The Detroit News put in a congratulatory call to Dan in 1985 when he started a mortgage company as a first-year law student? No, but they’re calling him now. And you can bet they’ll keep calling him because he oversees numerous companies full of people who are empowered to encourage themselves to have their best year yet.

I’ve acted on the advice given to me from The Newsmaker of the Year, and I’ve got to say, I am having my best year yet. How about you? If you can’t say the same, encourage yourself to make this your best year yet! This could make THE DIFF for you.

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  1. I’m having the best year yet. :D

    Posted by: Jen R | March 22, 2007
  2. Glad to hear it, Jen!

    Posted by: Paul | March 23, 2007

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