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Willard Wigan’s Miniature Sculptures

By Jen Romanowski

Today I received a rather interesting email from my mom. Usually she sends me funny e-cards or the cherished e-mail forward. Today though, she surprised me. She sent me an email about a guy by the name of Willard Wigan

Willard is a man who lives with the learning disability Dyslexia and creates amazing miniature masterpieces referred to as Microscopic Art. These pieces of art are so tiny they can sit on the head of a nail and some are even invisible to the naked eye. It also seems that his mini sculptures are so unbelievable that there are people who thought his talent to be an urban myth

The difference in these miniature sculptures is not just their mere size, or lack of size, but also the process that he goes through to create them. He will works in between heartbeats to make sure that his hand avoids tremors.

This art form is the perfect example of how even small things we take for granted, such as our own heart beat, can make a difference. 

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