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The Nisei – True American Heroes

By Mark Messing

The Nisei American Heroes from the 442nd Combat RegimentWe are all familiar with the typical war heros provided to us by the media.  When we think of the history of war some of the only images we visualize are of the John Waynes and Tom Hankses of Hollywood portraying “true American” heroes in the most famous “true American” battles. 

And just so I’m not misunderstood, I want to make it clear that I love these kind of movies.  The stories they represent are intriguing, patriotic and entertaining.  However, for every story told to us by 14 different major movies at the same time, there are stories which are told by none.  Though they are full of heroics and patriotism; some stories just slip through the cracks.  With the essence of Memorial Day still at hand, I have decided it’s about time someone mentioned a war story that Hollywood hasn’t yet, a tale of “Diff” sized proportions. 

It’s about the Nisei.  Never heard of them?  That’s a shame, considering the Nisei were some of the bravest fighters in WWII.

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