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Ken Burns and the YouTube Generation: Documenting WWII

WWII Documentary - Ken Burns and the YouTube GenerationKen Burns is the creator of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen (no slight to Michael Moore – I still love Roger and Me almost 20 years after I first watched it). If you haven’t seen his award-winning work on the Civil War, Jazz, Jack Johnson and Baseball, you are missing out.  I recommend going to a video store and renting them (and the many other documentaries he’s done) if you can.

Anyway, Burns has an upcoming WWII special (the pic on the right is part of it – courtesy of the National Archives), The War, and he needs the public’s help.  He has partnered with PBS and the Library of Congress to encourage the "YouTube generation" to find stories from real people about WWII.  They are asking people to create video tapes of their grandparents, great-grandparents, even neighbors, who served in or remember the war.  The tapes will be made a permanent part of the Veteran’s History Project collection.

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