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Angry Ed Supports Smoke-Free Bars and Freedom

Angry Ed Support Smoke Free BarsBy Angry Ed

Editor’s note:
The following represents only the opinion of Angry Ed, and does not in any way reflect Quicken Loans company policy or collective employee beliefs surrounding the issue discussed.  In other words, please feel free to tell Ed how much you hate him if you disagree with him.  Or if you agree, leave him some kind words. 

Weekend warriors be warned! One by one, from coast to coast, states are conforming to pass a long-overdue ban on your weapons: NO SMOKING IN BARS OR RESTAURANTS!

First, it was California in 1998. Soon to follow were; Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Montana, South Dakota, Ohio, Nevada, Illinois, Arizona, Texas, and thanks to a new bill with strong republican support for the first time, soon Michigan could join the list of the lands of the smoke-free public dining rooms and watering holes.

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