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Being Tactful Despite a Setback or “Relax You Idiot – Don’t Be That Guy!”

Be Nice to the WaitressBy Cassie Bixler – winner of the 2007 Summer DIFF Intern Blogger Contest

Traveling…if you ever want to develop your patience level, start traveling a lot and on a time schedule.  From the coordination of the event, travel time, to your arrival, several things can occur that irritate you beyond measure. You try to ensure your plans are good to go, foolproof. Regardless, there always seems to be a set back.

Airport security, road construction, reservation screw-ups, and sometimes it is a combination of all the above. The challenge lies in determining how you face the set backs. I have learned that in a trying situation, whatever it may be, the general secret is just chill out.

Seriously, what good does it do to blame others, yell, scream, threaten, and carry on?  It just makes you look like a psychotic maniac, it is so silly.  I know if I were on the receiving end of a turret syndrome outburst, I would be laughing inside or perhaps outwardly at the unnecessary level of rage.  Simply take the, "Eh…[bleep] happens now I have to deal with it" approach.  There are bigger things in life to be upset about, watch the news.

Gracefully overcoming set backs lies in your attitude.  Simply realize that it happened, you can’t change it, and the only thing you can do now is to keep moving forward.  I don’t care what anyone says I believe that in business and in life being nice, tactful, and chill gets you farther.  Think about it, what do you do if someone yells at you?  Do you desire to help them, or do you just want to get them out of visual and vocal range?

THE DIFF…be nice, see how far it can take you. 

Cheesy and easy but it works and is easily forgotten during an annoying setback.  Put on a front, force a smile, fake your mood…don’t lose your cool, you will look like a fool.

"Be nice to people on your way up, because you will meet them on your way down!" – Jimmy Durante

Don’t be "THAT GUY!" (the one in the photo being a jerk to the waitress)

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  1. He looks so familiar….

    Posted by: S | July 31, 2007
  2. Or by a GPS and let it route you around slow traffic…whatever suits ya.

    Posted by: Huh | July 31, 2007
  3. I don’t agree. I think mean and nasty people get ahead. They’re most of my bosses. Most servers don’t care about you or your needs anyway, so yeah, yelling at them might not accomplish anything other than perhaps getting them fired and replaced by others more competent. Sure, go through life being passive and just saying “it happened” or “I can’t do anything about so-and-so’s bad attitude” and watch how those bad attitude having people pass you by. If you’re young, and you sound young, you ought to listen to your Uncle Billy… look around you and see how many folks got to the “top” being nice… or did they scheme, kill, plot, manipulate, hate, and evil their way up there? Besides calling someone an idiot when they are an idiot is just telling that person the truth about themselves and maybe they’ll stop being an idiot. But, I doubt it.

    Posted by: Billy Leopardskinhousen | August 2, 2007

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