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How Many Cars Has this Site Sold for GM?

How Many Cars Has This Site Sold for GM?The answer? No clue. So, if you’re wondering what web site I’m talking about, take a look at www.gmability.com/education. GM-what? GMability. As in, General Motors, ability, is able, can-do. Yeah, it’s a stretch for a name, which could be part of the reason why this site isn’t known by more people.

GMability is a "thing" that’s focused on the environment, advanced technology, community involvement, and (what?) education. The bulk of the site is GM, trying to shout over the din of anti-automotive/anti-manufacturing voices on lots of public policy stuff. Then, nestled right in there is this really cool web site where kids can learn about the science behind greenhouse gases, fuel cell technology, satellites and even how cars are designed in a digital world.

The articles are driven by lesson plans that meet national curriculum standards, but are written for kids, and also feature videos, games and activities that bring the lesson to life. GM pays Weekly Reader to research topics and match up the standards so that this web site can be used by teachers in classrooms. Then, they pay to have it all converted to this web site.

Why does General Motors do this? Heck, I worked on the project, and I can’t even tell you why, clearly. There’s a group of people at GM that believe in giving back to the community, and creating useful materials so that children can enjoy their education. Maybe, they hope, one day, these kids will grow up to buy GM vehicles. A few are even more hopeful, believing that parents will be diligent enough to look over their children’s shoulders and notice that they’re on a GM web site. It’s a stretch, but a worthwhile one. Will this work? Check back in 10 years when today’s fifth-graders are buying their first new car. Will it be a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle?

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  1. Hey Christy,
    At first when I read this post, I thought you were saying because the GM Education site isn’t directly selling cars, GM shouldn’t bother with it. Then I saw that you’re really saying that it’s a cool web site because it’s aimed at kids and teachers and it’s not about directly selling cars.
    As you know, and as the Cone Cause Evolution Survey reported this month, a majority of Americans consider a company’s business practices when making a purchasing decision. So of course it makes sense for the world’s largest automaker to give back to the community. And it makes sense for GM to nurture future employees and engineers by supporting kids and teachers in math and science projects. The web site and partnership with Weekly Reader are part of its educational efforts.
    So if any of your readers — or their kids — want to know what ethanol is, or how an internal combustion engine works, or how fuel cell vehicles are totally different from the cars we know today, I invite you to check out the site.
    All the best,

    Posted by: Laurie Mayers | July 23, 2007
  2. Laurie, thanks for helping to clarify my point!! Honestly, I was a bit nervous posting about “my previous job,” but I really do continue to support not only the “Education web site,” as we call it, but also the overall GMability material, too.
    I think that GM has been unfairly silenced in the media when it comes to alternative energy and technology development. And, I do think that GM’s participation here is a fabulous example of “the DIFF” as we have defined it, because part of being excellent involves persistence. GM’s Public Affairs teams haven’t ceased in their efforts to get this message out there.
    Also, I forgot to offer a link to Weekly Reader’s web site, so I’m going to go back and do that now.
    Thanks, Laurie!

    Posted by: Christy | July 30, 2007
  3. You might wanna ask, how many loans has “The Diff” brought Quicken Loans there Kristy…

    Posted by: Billy Leopardskinhousen | July 31, 2007
  4. Why?

    Posted by: Christy | July 31, 2007
  5. Because I’m not so sure a “Difference Blog” has anything to do with loaning money to people. Sorry, if you lose your job.

    Posted by: Billy Leopardskinhousen | August 2, 2007
  6. Billy, please read the post again. The point is that sometimes you do stuff because it’s the right thing to do.
    Actually, if you want the bottom line, we’re looking for resumes, not loans, to be generated by this blog. And it’s actually worked! =]

    Posted by: Christy | August 7, 2007
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