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How to save a life – give blood!

by Eric Whitener

How To Save A LifeWhat would you say if I told you that every healthy adult has the ability to change the world?  What would you say if I told that every one of them could save the lives of others without any training or know how?  Would you want to be one of the people that make the world a better place, or would you be standing on the sidelines leaving it up to others?  That is exactly what 95% of eligible blood donors do in the United States each year.

Only 5% of eligible donors donate in a given year, and that is why there is a continuous shortage of blood.  It’s a relatively simple process that takes under an hour, and each pint of blood collected can help up to three different people!  When it’s put in the perspective that one hour of a person’s life can lead to saving the lives of three different people; it’s a mystery that more people are not donors.

Blood donations can help premature babies, burn and accident victims, cancer patients, and surgery patients just to name a few.  Donors are eligible to donate one pint of blood every 56 days giving every individual the ability to drastically affect the lives a many people throughout any given year.  That may seem like a lot of blood, but it really is not when you consider that every two seconds someone is in need of someone else’s blood. 

Be sure to check out the American Red Cross website to schedule your next donation or to find other ways to help.  Also, take a look at the ‘Top 10 reasons people don’t give blood’ to answer any questions you may have.

Choose to make a difference!

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  1. I think that the blood donation is the best donation of the world. Blood donations can help and save the life of that peoples.

    Posted by: Chan | September 20, 2007
  2. Even though I can’t give blood, I like getting the “I tried!” sticker, just to support all of you people who can — and DO take the time out of your day.

    Posted by: Christy | September 22, 2007

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