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One hand washes another – a mother’s promise

Master Sergeant Scott FurnnerBy Ryan Charlton

I had the opportunity to attend the retirement party of a friend, Pat Furnner. Pat has been in education for over 20 yrs in the Pontiac School System.  She is also a very satisfied client of Quicken Loans (Phil Hatley- Team Bad Boyz)

During her retirement speech, Pat spoke of her son, Scott.  Scott is a husband and father, expecting his second child. Scott was not able to attend the function. 

Senior Master Sergeant Scott Furnner, a career military man, is serving our country in Iraq.  That’s him in the picture.

Pat told a story about her farewell to Scott.  He spoke with her about the 172 men and women who were under his command and how he would keep them motivated and not lose a sense of home.  He thought of a care package.  Pat promised her son that some how, some way, she would get him 172 care packages for his troops.  Since August, she has sent 120.  Just 52 more to go.

She mentioned that if anyone was interested, the troops would appreciate the following items:

    Care packages for soldiers in Iraq

  • Individual serving packages of sunflower seeds
  • Individual serving packages of peanuts
  • Individual serving packages of cheese & crackers
  • Twizzlers
  • Any kind of gum Individual serving packages of Ritz Bits
  • Individual serving packages of Cheez-It crackers
  • Individual serving packages of Goldfish crackers
  • Individual serving packages of candy
  • Wrapped Beef Jerky
  • Bug Repellant
  • Individual personal hygiene products including (shaving cream, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, disposable razors, etc)

Due to temperature issues, no chocolate of any kind should be provided and no cookies …..(they would turn to crumbs)

These items could be mailed directly:

SMSgt Furnner, Scott
820 ESFS/Operations
APO AE, 09375

Pat’s desire and actions reflect Quicken Loans ISMs (you could say that ISMs are the guidelines for our company culture):

  • Always Raising Our Level of Awareness
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Innovation is Rewarded….Execution is Worshipped
  • Responding with a Sense of Urgency is the Ante to Play
  • We are the THEY!!

If we can assist that would be incredible.  That would be the DIFF!

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  1. Why don’t we do a QL’s company campaign? We have done it before – why not again?
    People can donate goods, or money to ship the goods…
    Let’s do it now and get it there before Thanksgiving!!!

    Posted by: Nicole | September 13, 2007

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