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Happy Birthday Rock Financial JA Park!

Rock Financial Junior Achievement Park

I consider myself somewhat financially savvy for a twenty something person. I’m not a pecuniary guru like my father, but I’ve got a 401k and little debt to my name outside of my vehicle. My Dad is smart though, man. Through years of thriftiness and wise investment moves, he’s set him and my mom up for retirement and allowed them to consistently bug me about what I’m saving. He’s my version of the
Rock Financial Junior Achievement Park.

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the park. The JA Park has instilled sound personal budgeting and money management skills into the minds of nearly 3,000 students during its first year.

They celebrated today at the park, located on Larned in Detroit with Detroit’s Deputy Mayor, Anthony Adams and Rock Financial/Quicken Loans CEO, Bill Emerson. 100 students were on hand to participate  from Trombly and Crosman Alternative High Schools.

Those lucky students got to play “adult for a day” by managing a monthly budget and visiting the 14 storefronts inside the park. Upon arrival, each student is assigned a unique personal scenario with career, income and family-size information.They learn to budget housing, transportation, utilities, health care and even leisure activities.

The places I have to budget myself on are some of the exact places they work with at the JA Park – Allstate Insurance, DTE, AT&T, Comerica and even Little Caesars. Oh, and the Somerset Collection is there too…that is where I get in the most trouble.

I wonder if I could plan a field trip for my Dad to the park…he’s a bit above the target age, but he sure would have a heck of a time with all the budgetary merriment.

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  1. Bud should work there.
    He would love it.

    Posted by: Matt | October 19, 2007
  2. Kelly, I *love* the Finance Park!! I tried to get in on some of the opening day events, but it was so packed. I wish more people knew about this, since JA is opening them all around the country. Rock Financial and Quicken Loans are very fortunate to be sponsoring this instance.
    Heck, I think JA should consider a more serious course for adults. Not quite the Suze Ormond look-alike, but a serious course on how a household budget works, and how to trim cash from it. Maybe the exercises could involve giving someone a screwed up budget, then the adults have to visit each place to straighten them out and get the budget back in balance.

    Posted by: Christy | October 24, 2007
  3. This is awesome! More schools need to take advantage of this.

    Posted by: James | October 25, 2007

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