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Salespeople Don’t Suck!

Salespeople Don't Suck

To keep up with feeding the hungry DIFF blog, I spent Saturday morning trying to purchase a new laptop. I wasn’t really excited about it so I dragged my brother along with me, thinking, he’s my brother, he has a laptop, he won’t let me splurge, etc.

I get to my brother’s house and he announces he needs new shoes and after a year of saying that – today is the day he’s going to get new shoes. Needless to say, we spent almost 2 hours on a trip to the mall getting him some fancy new Pumas. This trip also involved me eating my first Slider (small, slimy hamburger) and recognizing the reason that I don’t eat them is because they’re gross.

Finally manage to make it Best Buy, which was the only officially planned stop for our trip. We perused for about 60 seconds before I was approached. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the few that like salespeople. I usually do need help and well, that’s what they are there for.

The woman was nice, asked me if I needed help, I said yes, told her what I was looking for, she listened very attentively and then she said, “Let me check on something for you – I’ll be right back.” I thought heck yes, they’ve got some great Saturday Morning Special For Kelly sale going on, this woman is great! She disappears into the depths of laptop land and we keep looking, waiting exactly 7-10 minutes before I start to get irritated. She never came back. Maybe she went on break. Maybe she quit.

At this point, my brother had abandoned for the plasma TV’s like a moth to a flame. Another salesperson has tried to sell me cable service even after I politely tell him 3 times that I’m not in the market to sign up for a new cable service. I lasso my brother back in with idle threats and he snags a member of this notorious gang I’ve heard about, the Geek Squad. I think: nothing of mine is broken; I don’t have anything for this kid to fix yet!!

Turns out, my new best friend Kyle does more than fix computers. He’s the man – he gets stuff done. He listens, shows me 2 laptops that fit what I’m looking for and even gives me a bit of a nudge toward the less expensive one. Completely unheard of. Totally looking out for me, just like a good friend would.

I give Kyle the thumbs up on the Compaq and he’s back with the laptop in less than 2 minutes. Walks me up to the customer service counter (no lines, nice people = bonus!), waits until I’m all set and paid for, hands me a pack of unnecessary reading and waves me off as I skip happily out the front door. Okay, I didn’t skip, but I might have if I wasn’t carrying a computer.

A good salesperson can definitely be the DIFF in any day. By instinct, most consumers loathe them. Think about how much you interact with them – you probably only remember the bad ones that caused you to file a complaint or ask for a supervisor. But some are so good, you don’t even know what’s going on. I know it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, but I’m certainly thankful for knowledgeable, capable salespeople who can turn a traditionally not fun task into a rewarding, satisfying experience.

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  1. Kyle was the MAN! And by the way, I don’t like being described as a moth!

    Posted by: Matthew | October 22, 2007
  2. So the Geek Squad guy works at Best Buy? I’ve never heard of them before. Kel-why didn’t you buy a Dell and take advantage of our company discount?! Either way I’m glad you have a laptop for our writing extravaganza next week!

    Posted by: Erica | October 22, 2007
  3. The reason Sliders are gross is because they are not Krafters, which out taste every food known to man or beast.

    Posted by: Mark | October 24, 2007

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