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Calculating my carbon footprint

Being environmentally friendly was always a trait I thought I possessed, but I was lying to myself all along. I recently discovered my carbon footprint – a calculation that helps you measure how much carbon dioxide we emit through the burning of fossil fuels in our lives.

Well, my carbon footprint outmeasures my real size 9′s. It seems like a simple quiz on how you live your life – asking me about the gas & energy bills for my house, my car, my air travel and even how much I shower. Then the results – I use 10.06 tons of carbon dioxide per year!! It even gave me tips at the end to help me conserve that were tailored to how I answered the questions. Most of mine had to do with the lack of recycling, which is something I’ve resolved to amend by researching recycling facilities where I live.

I was prompted to do this by my old buddy Matt Lauer. Matt and I go way back – I’ve been waking up to his kind face for years. NBC and some other companies have been advocating a "Green is Universal" campaign recently and I decided to check it out. That’s how I found out that I (and most of you, apparently) am not very environmentally friendly.

Another downright dirty thing about us humans – in the end, we will each leave about 90,000-pounds of trash behind. And water? Even worse! According to the lovely people at the Today show, 40% of the water pumped into our homes is flushed right down the toilet.

And why am I caring now, you might say? Maybe because its never been easier to change. As a people, we’ve never been more aware or known more about how to fix the destruction we’ve caused. There’s never been more alternatives or opportunities to change.

Easy fixes – use your microwave! If it costs 10 cents to heat something in a microwave, the same thing would cost 48 cents to heat in a standard oven. Stop staring in refrigerator! It’s the biggest energy hog in your kitchen. Refrain from getting receipts when you don’t need them – especially at the ATM. Honestly, you’ll probably turn around and toss it anyway. Quit buying CD’s – if you download them (legally, of course), you’ll save in a lot of waste as well. Do the little things and continually graduate yourself to add more environmentally friendly actions. Go ahead, be the DIFF….

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  1. Check out this US Carbon Footprint Map, an interactive United States Carbon Footprint Map, illustrating Greenest States to Cities. This site has all sorts of stats on individual State & City energy consumptions, demographics and much more down to your local US City level…

    Posted by: fred | November 6, 2007
  2. **Please note this rant is not in direct response to this post** When is all this “earth friendly” messaging going to stop? It is to the point of being preachy. anyone tried to watch NBC (or CNBC) this week? They switched to a green peacock and are shoe-horning in “earth-friendly” messages, whether they fit with the story line or not. Then, to add to the problem, the most outspoken people on the issue are its biggest violators. How about that multi-continent flop of a concert earlier this year? Studies have shown it did far more harm to the environment than it helped. Then you have the likes of Al Gore out telling us how horrible we are for polluting while flying from place to place in an extravagant over sized jet and multi-car caravan.
    Please….make it go away.

    Posted by: Enough Already | November 7, 2007
  3. a motto to live by to limit that 40% that is fushed down the toilet…”if it’s yellow we’re mellow – if it’s brown flush it down”

    Posted by: James | November 9, 2007
  4. OMG!!! Checked out “fred’s” carbon footprint rankings, and Vermont, Rhode Island and New York are the top 3 *per capita* producers!! Wow!!
    Wait. I know Al Gore isn’t *from* Vermont, but usually the impression most people get is that some of the loudest political screaming is coming from the Eastern Seaboard.
    Alaska just quietly does its thing, and is at the best position in the per capita list.

    Posted by: foo | November 12, 2007
  5. I try to recycle too, and do what I can to conserve energy and help the environment. But I agree with “enough already” when it comes to certain people “preaching” about the environment. Two Sunday’s ago on ESPN, they decided to join the movement and turn the lights off in the studio for the day and broadcast by candlelight. They told us that by doing so, they were conserving enough energy to power and average house for one month! Which is great, but what happens come Monday when they turn the lights back on?

    Posted by: Kriste | November 12, 2007

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