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Goodbye to the King of All Search

Good-bye to the King of All Search?

By Clayton Closson

The king has left the building.

Brian Doelle, Quicken Loans most highest defender of all things search, has decided to move on to new adventures. Trust me when I say this – HE WILL BE MISSED!

Brian pretty much built today’s Quicken Loans search programs (both organic and paid) from the ground up and man did he do it well. When he joined Quicken Loans, you couldn’t find us in search engine results anywhere. Our site did terribly in organic search and our paid program was a fraction of what it is today. That ain’t how it is today. We do search well at Quicken Loans and Brian is to thank for that.

He’s one of the best marketers I’ve ever met. Part artist, part number cruncher, part writer, part strategist, Brian does it all. He taught me EVERYTHING I know about search engine optimization. I mean everything.

And to say he had a big part of developing and launching this blog is a gross understatement. His counsel and advice directly impacted our planning and I’m 100% convinced the DIFF blog would not be going today with Brian’s help. For that, I’m eternally grateful. Oh yeah, he hired me also. I’m pretty darn grateful for that also.

Besides search, Mr. Doelle LOVES fishing. He goes fishing practically every weekend, year round, from my understanding. While I have no idea why he loves it so much, his passion for it is amazing. Last summer he grilled some salmon he caught in Alaska and eating it almost made me think fishing makes sense. That was some good salmon. I can still taste it…

His dedication to his job was also amazing. Last year he was nearly killed when a drunk boater slammed into his fishing boat, totaling his boat and causing some nasty injuries. Believe it not, he was back at work after just one day, even though he could barely move. He told me I had to stop making jokes because it hurt him too much to laugh. Within a few weeks he had a new boat and was back on the water.

Now he’s off to new adventures and my guess is he’ll be a name to watch for in the SEO and SEM worlds. Remember the name Brian Doelle. I promise you you’ll see it in high places. We’ll remember it. Every time we rank #1 in Google and Yahoo!

By Clayton Closson

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  1. Best of luck Brian! Stay in touch!

    Posted by: Dave Rigotti | November 23, 2007
  2. *sniff*
    My first day without the High King of Search… I’d like to think that makes me the Queen, but he left some huge shoes to fill. And my shoes are only size 5.5.

    Posted by: Christy | November 26, 2007
  3. Doelle — you will certainly be missed! Who will I battle plastic rocks and fake mountains with? Who will yell at me (with the best of intentions) when I fall out of line? Who will eat sushi with me when all I want to do is ditch any attempt at exercise and chow down instead?
    I’ll miss you! Please don’t be a stranger!
    And Clayton — your signature photo pose is really starting to creep me out. :)

    Posted by: Ann-Marie | November 26, 2007
  4. Brian-
    I would say good luck, but I think you have it covered without the whole luck thing. I expect to see you on the cover of some sort of magazine…in the tuxedo you own.

    Posted by: Mark | November 26, 2007
  5. Brian singlehandedly taught me about marketing as well. I came on board truly wanting to learn, and got matched up with an amazing leader. Brian never got angry with my (probably stupid) questions or small mistakes. I truly respected him as a leader and am proud to say that I now know the qualities I should look for in great leadership.
    Thanks Brian!

    Posted by: Kriste | November 26, 2007
  6. So, does this mean I am going to have to make fun of Clayton all on my own now?

    Posted by: The Kauf | November 26, 2007
  7. It was so strange watching them clean the cubicle yesterday…
    Mr. Doelle thanks for being an amazing leader. You will be missed a ton.
    And don’t worry, I’ll help Kauf make fun of Clayton.

    Posted by: Jen R | November 27, 2007
  8. Thanks for the kind words Clay. You guys are making me home sick!
    Maybe the gang can do me one last favor… Stop talking about me in the past-tense! I’m not dead yet! I’m still just a few miles from the Quicken Loans headquarters and you all have my contact info. Please use it!
    It’s been my absolute pleasure to work with each and every one of you. Your passion and dedication is amazing! I expect to see more great things in the future.
    As a good friend of mine likes to say…
    Not bye. Bye for now.

    Posted by: Brian Doelle | November 27, 2007
  9. It’s all Clayton’s fault! Man, I can just picture him sniveling at his keyboard typing that!
    Okay, okay… we’ll see you around, and we’ll see your name in lights. =]

    Posted by: Christy | November 27, 2007
  10. Judging by this picture I’m guessing you two hit up the slushie machines together one last time?

    Posted by: infamousstacyd | December 6, 2007

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