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Inspiration in the office: Quicken Loans LaTonya Baldwin and Detroit’s Color Online

LaTonya Baldwin, Quicken Loans team member, runs Color Online, a community group dedicated to empowering and educating young women and children in Detroit

Not only does Quicken Loans have a mini-celebrity with her own Free Press article, we’ve got an incredible, inspirational woman who spends her precious free time running a literature group called Color Online.

LaTonya, a Vendor Analyst here at Quicken Loans, started the group in 2005 which is committed to the “promotion, empowerment and political awakening of young women.” She heads an online community for book discussion and a message board for the young women to share their own writing.

Color Online has a library at Alternatives For Girls, a non-profit organization in Southwest Detroit which has been serving homeless and high risk girls and young women since 1987. They’ll even mail books to girls who don’t have the means to make it to the library. LaTonya collects returnables here at our offices to make sure the library stays stocked. She’s also started a Wish List on Amazon so that supporters can know the types of books the library needs. They also welcome gift cards and tickets to local events.

They’re doing way more than reading too – as a group, LaTonya helps organize trips to plays, poetry readings and other cultural events in Detroit. Their first e-zine will debut in January and March will be a month for the history books – Color Online will host their 2nd annual National Women’s History Month celebration with a series of events dedicated to educating young girls and women.

The group meets every week at AFG, which is also a shelter for women ages 16-20. The goal is to make the meetings and the group “as peer-led as possible,” to continue encouraging the exposure to new books and cultural education.

To learn how to help our fellow team member and her mission, you can E-mail LaTonya at coloronline2005@yahoo.com or check out the blog. Alternatives For Girls also has a website and donated books can be dropped off at their location, 903 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48208.

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  1. I think what LaTonya is doing is so needed especially at a time when illiteracy is at an all time high. Its not only allowing a venue to discuss books; its really bridging the gap for the young ladies that she has been fortunate enough to meet and share time with, to experience what life can be like without having to go through all the hard knocks. Way to go LaTonya. My hats off to you.

    Posted by: Joan | November 28, 2007
  2. Latonya, is a dynamic energy in the effort to marry literacy and technology in world of young females. She is relentless, undaunting and an inspiration to us all. Kudos to you Latonya.

    Posted by: C. Watson | November 28, 2007
  3. Indeed! This is the type of stuff that makes a difference! Thank you, LaTonya, for spending your time with these girls. I don’t know where you find the drive when you get discouraged, but just know that there’s someone even waaaay down here in South Carolina pulling for you, too!
    Let’s get ordering some books from Amazon!

    Posted by: Christy | November 29, 2007
  4. This is a great and inspirational story. I applaud Tonya’s efforts to promote culture and literacy in Detroit. Good work!

    Posted by: Clayton | December 4, 2007
  5. My mommy works so hard, I am so proud of her. I love her so much I think that more people on this earth should get more involved in the their own community.

    Posted by: thema harris | February 17, 2008

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