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Ironman and more, Scott Johnson is a true inspiration

The Ironman begins

By Mark Messing

In 2001 Scott Johnson was in a hospital being taught how to walk.

In 2003 he finished his first triathlon.

He was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a disease caused by a defective gene that forces the body to produce thick mucus, something that can lead to life threatening lung infections. The average life expectancy for someone with CF is around 37 years old.

When Scott was 29, after suffering a severe lung infection, the doctors told him that he probably had a week left to live, that is, unless donated organs became available for a double lung transplant. Sitting in a hospital and facing death, Scott immediately made a list of all of the things he would do with his life if he were to receive the donation. Finishing a triathlon was the first thing he wanted to do.

Scott was lucky enough to get his double lung transplant, and refused to ignore the life list he had made.  He had been in a hospital bed for a long time, and so before he could do anything he would first have to learn how to walk, and after that he would begin swimming, biking, and running. In, 2003 he finished his first triathlon, but he still wanted more.

He would go on to compete in Ironman New Zealand in March of 2005, then at Ironman Florida in ’06 and ’07.This past October 13th, Scott participated in Ironman Hawaii. As far as Ironman competitions are concerned, that one is the big Kahuna.

From hospital bed hopeful to Ironman regular, Scott has shattered the impossible. He has overcome adversity, and is truly inspirational.

If you ever find yourself thinking something is too hard to handle, just think of Scott. He is living proof that if it falls within the laws of physics, then it is something that can be done.

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  1. He may be a personal inspiration, but he is also an insensitive, selfish for firing people he never spent a minute of time helping to train. I know if I ever bump into him, I just might rip those lungs out of him. This guy is probably the most pompous, uncaring jerkoff I have ever met. He is dishonest and I have no idea why he fired a bunch of temps 2 1/2 weeks into training – but shame on him. I hope the mtg industry dives and it ends up being his ass out int he cold with no paycheck.

    Posted by: DD | April 28, 2009
  2. Hey DD,

    I am afraid that you have the wrong Scott Johnson. I have never fired or laid off anyone in my life. I also do not work in the Mtg industry.

    Scott Johnson

    Posted by: Scott Johnson | August 29, 2016

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