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Airborne will refund your money!

Airborne has settled a 23 million dollar lawsuit alleging false advertisment. by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

Someone forgot to tell Airborne to do their homework.

Though they aren’t actually admitting any wrongdoing, Airborne is settling a class-action lawsuit to refund the purchase price of their products sold from May 1, 2001 through November 29, 2007.

David Schardt, a senior nutritionist at the Center for Science in the Public Interest has led the lawsuit trying to show that Airborne has used false advertising. Over the course of the lawsuit, it became clear that there is no proof, no glaring scientific studies that show the supplement does what it says it does – boosts your immune system to ward of sickness.

Does it work or doesn’t it? No one is totally sure – I’ve used it and so have many people I know. I haven’t gotten sick after using it, but it doesn’t show that Airborne has anymore of an effect than a standard placebo.

All could have been avoided if Airborne had been able to show studies
of the supplement working. They didn’t have proof, but settled without
having to admit there is any illegal conduct or wrongdoing. They
settled on Tuesday for $23 million and anyone who purchased their
products is entitled to a refund.

If you bought the product and want more info about the lawsuit or the
refund, visit this site. If you have receipts which indicate Airborne
being purchased and the purchase price, you can be refunded all money
spent on the products. If you do not have receipts, you can still
receive a refund for up to 6 boxes of Airborne products.

Hopefully, this is a heads up for any other companies advertising without the solid evidence to back it up.

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