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Quicken Loans has a place for our clients to “live” – Quicken Loans Qtopia!

Quicken Loans has a place for clients to live - Quicken Loans Qtopia! by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

After you work with a company, what do you do? Forget about them; maybe tell a friend if you had a good experience? Do they ever offer you discounts, free advice, educational materials, news, magazine or anything just for being a client? Probably not.

Well, that’s not how we do it here at Quicken Loans. We love our clients and now we have an amazing new way of showing it – Quicken Loans Qtopia! It’s a new, interactive site where all Quicken Loans clients can "live" after they’ve closed on their loan.

We’ve created a virtual community (you know we’re always utilizing our cutting-edge technology) with a ton of different "places" you can visit and use:

  • Access to your Home Loan Expert— through a magnet on the fridge in your virtual house
  • Special offers and discounts in the Q Marketplace
  • Fun games and Sweepstakes in the Q Arena
  • Opportunity to discuss questions/comments with other clients on the message board in the Q Café.
  • Easy access to calculators and our educational guides in the Q Library
  • The latest mortgage news and our magazine, Home Advantage in the Q News newsstand
  • Local real estate agents in the Q Real Estate office

And that’s just a start! Your have a personal guide, "Morgan" who explains everything in your new community. There are also plenty of spots to try Quizzle, which we hailed on the DIFF before. While Qtopia is only for clients who have closed a loan with us, Quizzle is for any homeowner.

We’ve already gotten rave reviews from AdWeek and in the blogosphere. So, big props to the minds behind the beautiful new site – our Marketing Matchmakers team and the project manager, Cat Buzzitta. It’s definitely the DIFF.

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  1. Congrats on this guys!

    Posted by: Mark | March 27, 2008

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