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Opening Day with the Detroit Tigers – a ball game, a tradition, a part of our culture

Opening Day is the DIFF!Yesterday was opening day down at the old ball park in Detroit and although I didn’t make it down there (Kelly did and got Tiger funky – that’s her 3rd from the right) it got me thinking.

Thinking about what baseball means to me and why I love it so much.

And why we REALLY love it in Detroit.  Why we love our Tigers. Even during the dark years of the Tigers being one of the worst teams in history (1988-2006), we loved them.

Most folks I know around here grew up playing baseball for sure, but our love for the game goes beyond a simple nostalgic feeling toward a game you played as a kid. No, for Detroiters, baseball is bigger than that.

If you don’t believe me, check this out. Rumor has it that most of the Tiger’s season is already sold out. HUH? A baseball season sold out and it’s only April 1st? Only in Detroit, my friends.

I’m not sure why our National Pastime is such a big deal here. Maybe cause we don’t really have a lot to celebrate most of the time? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love a lot of things about Detroit and I’m looking forward to Quicken Loans moving downtown, but still. It’s tough to keep a positive attitude.

After all, it seems like Detroit is constantly in an uphill battle to get better.  We take a step forward and something knocks us two steps back down the ladder.

So I guess it makes sense that we cling on to something positive and make it bigger than life.

Maybe it’s true?  I don’t know. I’ve always thought it’s a bit cheesy how folks here like to make a correlation between the 1967  Detroit riots that literally burned a nice chunk of the city down (part of which is still in a state of destruction) and the following year’s World Series Championship for the Tigers. Supposedly the Tigers "healed wounds" and gave Detroiters something to celebrate. I didn’t really buy that argument.  After all, even back in 1968, I doubt any of the Tigers actually lived in Detroit and certainly none of them lived in the areas affected by the riots.

But then again, maybe there is something to it. Maybe victorious sports teams really do give us something to be proud of (even if most of the players have little connection to the city they play for).

Maybe any reason to feel good and be proud of your hometown is a good thing. That’s why I love baseball and the Detroit Tigers. That’s why Kelly joined over a 100,000 fans yesterday downtown to celebrate opening day.

That’s why the Tigers are almost sold out for the entire season.

Good luck Tigers. Thanks for giving us something to be proud of.

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  1. Downtown Detroit was just unreal yesterday…it’s an experience I look forward to every year.
    I’ve been going for a few years now, but I had some friends with me that had never been to Opening Day – they were absolutely shocked by how many people were milling around and how much fun it was. I was down there for close to 12 hours and the fun never stopped.

    Posted by: Kel L | April 1, 2008
  2. The Lindell AC was still around in 1968… so at least the Tiger players could drink in the same city after the game (at a time WHEN the players WOULD drink with you THE FAN after the game)… I liked it better when the Tigers sucked… at least in terms of watching games. I still think they sell a few tickets before each game (Although I’m not sure about that any more) and yesterday they said on the radio that there were tix for April. I’m gonna try to go Sun the nite game when it’s cold and 10:00 and there’s like 10,000 people there. We’ll see who the “real” fans are then.

    Posted by: William Leopard | April 1, 2008
  3. Going to the game is fun, but there’s something so nostalgic about hearing the game on the radio with Ernie Harwell announcing. I used to always listen when I was a little girl with my great-grandfather on his small kitchen radio.

    Posted by: old timer | April 2, 2008
  4. My best team of MLB is The Detroit Tigers. This why I always fallow their games especially whenever I have some time. I’m always trying not o miss any of their game and hear about the team’s news. But The Detroit Tigers tickets get more pricy especially when there are some hot games. But, if we’re really good fans we should try not to be mean when we’re talking about a favourite teams. It’s not only the Tigers tickets that got pricy, but there are other major teams too, so the team needs our support and we should provide as much as we can.

    Posted by: Ashley | June 5, 2008

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