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AfriGadget: Doing more with less

African IngenuityIt seems that when things get tight, solutions get more creative. If when budgets shrink, people find ways to squeeze the money for things they love to do. When time runs short, simple solutions just seem to magically appear. I’m a big believer in the idea that creativity grows when constraints shrink.

Here’s a great example: AfriGadget.

The web site says it best, "It is a testament to Africans bending the little they have to their will, using creativity to overcome life’s challenges." The concept is a web site and blog that feature African ingenuity — products made with the most innovative methods, simply because many places in Africa lack things we take for granted, and doesn’t have a fraction of the resources that we do in the U.S.

What I love about the creations featured on AfriGadget is that they go beyond basic living implements. Heck, sometimes just living is a challenge in Africa. I love the Ethiopian coffee maker made from mortar shells because I love coffee… but then I’m struck by the advances they’ve made in water harvesting and bio diesel.

I know there’s lots of inspirational ideas here. Africans can have some pretty hefty constrainst foisted upon them. In these inventions lie the seeds to solve some of our greatest challenges today.

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