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Books For Soldiers – care packages for the mind

Books for SoldiersBack when I was in the Army (that would be way back), one of the things I enjoyed most – that would help me get through long nights on duty – was reading.

While I consider my lucky to never have been in combat, I was in a combat unit and we spent most of our time, well, training for combat.

For several reasons (most of them to do with my attitude), I was pretty much permanently on "night duty" for my entire two years in the Army. In other words, whenever we were on war games (a good percentage of the the time), I pulled the midnight to 8 am shift as a radio/teletype operator for the 8th Infantry Division’s Artillery. This meant lots of time sitting around waiting for messages to be sent or received and in between, I would read. And read I did.

I was lucky that my base, in Baumholder, Germany, had a very nicely stocked library. 

Other soldiers aren’t so lucky, which is were Books For Soldiers comes in.

Books For Soldiers is a non-profit started by a soldier who knows the value of a book, especially when none are around.  Here is the intro from their About Us page:

During the first Gulf War,
several of my friends from school were in the reserves and were
activated to fight the Iraqis. CNN reported that once the soldiers were
deployed, they were faced with massive downtime and were restricted to
their base due to the travel limitations set by the Saudi government.

am a voracious reader and at the beginning of the Gulf War, I had a
closet full of paperback books. Books that were not being used. So
instead of selling them at the used book store, I packed them up in
small care packages and sent them out to all the soldiers, sailors,
marines and airmen I had addresses for.

a few weeks, I ran out of books before I ran out of addresses. Friends
and family members began donating their paperback books and in the end,
over 1000 books were sent to the Gulf.

the war, we received many thank-you notes from soldiers who got one of
our books. Unless it was time for them to fly back home, mail-call days
were one of the most anticipated events of deployment. Regardless of
why the military is deployed, the men and women of our armed services
are there for us. They deserve our support and if we can make their
deployment easier, then all the better.

Seems like a pretty cool mission and a pretty good idea. One that we think is the DIFF!


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