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Keeping it clean at Comerica Park

Kelly LaVaute and a Sani-Post at a Tigers game in Comerica Park! by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

Picture this: a bustling mass of nearly 40,000 people at a Tigers game – each one touching railings, seats, wiping away nacho cheese from their mouth, sneezing and dumping drinks down your arm. Ew.

That aside, I *adore* the Tigers, Comerica Park and the whole Tiger game experience. I’ve been to 4 games so far this season and I’m going again tonight to see them stomp the Red Sox (fingers crossed!). I love the game, the crowd, the food and every minute detail associated with attending games. Well, except for the hygiene factor. Oh, and parking. What a pain!

While the city of Detroit’s parking woes are a little bit more difficult to solve, Comerica Park has installed contraptions to thwart the excessive germs from fellow fans. Enter Sani-Post! (see lovely photo of said Sani-Post and myself). It’s a nifty little kiosk that dispenses antibacterial hand sanitizer without even having to touch anything. It’s also an extra bit of ad space for other local businesses. Love multi-tasking.

When I saw it at the last game, I thought it a small, easy addition for any major venue, but a great step for all the people who attend events like Tigers games. A little bit of DIFF, perhaps?

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  1. They should take it one step further and work it like a lot of cruise lines do. Basically they have someone at the entrance and exit to the ship with a sprayer of hand cleaner. Everyone that enters is offered a complimentary sanitary germ-cleaning spray. Along with that, they have the usual self-service dispensers around the ship.

    Posted by: Christopher J. | May 9, 2008
  2. What a hot little chick!

    Posted by: Jan | May 9, 2008

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