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Carpooling to work makes really good sense – Divide the Ride and go green

With gas prices now over 4 bucks a gallon and speculation that prices are only going one direction in the near future (can you say "up"?), we’ve (Quicken Loans) just launched  a new carpooling program called Divide the Ride. Divide the Ride is a great idea and couldn’t come at a better time. Kudos to our guys who put it together.

Here’s how it works: Quicken Loans team members go to an intranet site that, using maps and other data, matches them up to other interested Quicken Loans folks living in their area. So let’s say I want to find out who else in my area wants to carpool, I can go to our Divide the Ride site and click on a map of my neighborhood or enter my zip and all folks close to me are returned as results. I then contact them and work out the car pool details. If no one else has yet signed up in my area, I enter my info and wait until others near me also sign  up. It’s simple to use. I like it.

I can also get locations of all nearby carpool lots just in case it’s more convenient to meet there as opposed to one our homes.  Oh, did I mention the maps include gas stations with my area’s cheapest gas? Don’t get me wrong, I think those folks who drive 10 miles to say 2 cents a gallon on gas are a bit misguided, but heck, if a station is a mile or two away, why not support it if they are willing to offer a slight discount.

Finally, Divide the Ride offers information and tips on improving gas mileage and using less energy, something we all could use today. Nice.

I’d love to hear from any readers if their companies offer carpooling programs/sites and any unique initiatives they are taking to deal with ballooning gasoline prices. Share the knowledge. We need it today more than ever.

Ok, I got to run. My ride is here!

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  1. That’s awesome! It’s great to see a commitment from a company like Quicken Loans to doing what it can.
    Microsoft has a really extensive program. I was given $300 to buy a bike and they have shuttle systems that run downtown and between key locations, like other MSFT buildings. Most of the shuttles are hybrids as well. In addition, I was given a free bus pass. The program, called the Connector, “results in a reduction of about 800 vehicle trips and 32,200 miles of travel each day.” Check it out at http://www.microsoft.com/environment/our_commitment/articles/alternative_commuting.aspx

    Posted by: Dave | June 17, 2008
  2. Another good way to cut down on gas, whether you carpool or not, is to simply slow down. I drive at a constant 67 mph on cruise (rather than my usual 75) and I gain an extra 100 miles to my tank per week! That’s huge, especially considering I do a lot of driving. The less you brake and accelerate, that is the smoother you drive and the more constant your speed, the more mileage you gain.

    Posted by: Amy (former Diff Ninja) | June 17, 2008
  3. 100 miles a tank?! No way.

    Posted by: Mark | June 17, 2008
  4. Newcomer to the social travel scene, RoadSharing aims to make a difference, specifically an environmental one. This site is concerned with your carbon footprint, which as you probably know by now is greatly augmented when you travel in your gas guzzling car. One way to curb your carbon emissions is to car pool or to bring some people along with you on your next roadtrip. RoadSharing connects people who need a ride with those who’ve got a ride; thus people can get to where they need to be and make new friends on the way. The site is divided into two basic options: Search a route and Share a route. The latter is for those looking to drive people to a certain destination, while the former, is for those looking for a lift. The site is available in several languages including Italian and Spanish. Sign up is free.

    Posted by: RoadSharing.com | July 23, 2008
  5. Have a strong sense of making a difference through sharing. Transportation is a great requirement of modern living. However, just because you need it doesn’t mean you have to let GM or any one else’s marketing department tells you how to do it. If you let them tell you how to do everything, you will need cash advance loans just to be able to get to work every day. For instance, you could carpool. Lots of people do it and have done so for a long time. Also, if you live close enough to work, you can start riding a bike. No gas and you get in better shape. (Win – win.) There’s also public transport, and all of these are cheaper modes of transportation.

    Posted by: Jesus S | April 2, 2009
  6. Have you already tried http://www.rideshare.co.uk ?

    Posted by: Car Pooling | September 7, 2010

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