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Cedar Point weathers the storm for roller coaster riders

Cedar Point Sandusky StormsYes, that’s the nasty storm we rode out while at Cedar Point on Monday. This was no typical rainstorm. The lighting was intense, and the downpour was pretty extreme. And, yet, it was this storm that made Cedar Point the DIFF for us this week.

We had driven from South Carolina back to Michigan and then on to Cedar Point to ride some roller coasters. It’s one of our favorite places, and we were willing to make the trek. Oh, yeah, and we managed to stop by to see family for a couple of days and stumble by the Red Wings Stanley Cup parade, too.

This was our one shot at visiting this particular amusement park in quite a while. So, imagine the disappointment when these storms rolled in at about 7 p.m. on our big day. Of course, we had planned on staying until the 10 p.m. closing, and went back to the hotel to nap. We had returned to the park just in time for the storms. Thanks, Weather Channel.

Kids are bummed, and rain is pouring everywhere. People are running to exit the park, and staff is doing whatever they can to keep people safe. Tricky with the Power Tower, Top Thrill Dragster and Wicked Twister — roller coasters just tempting all those lightning bolts.

The lightning stopped and the rain slowed at about 8:45. Only a few hundred people were left in the park. Sure, the park had every right to close down for the night. But, little by little, we started hearing the whooshes and rumbles of rides being tested. Round about 9:15 some of the big coasters re-opened. And, oh yes, Top Thrill Dragster opened at about 9:30, with just 30 minutes left in their scheduled day. Heck, they even ran with the fireworks light show at 10:00, with an audience of 50 people, tops.

As we were walking toward the exit of the park, people were still entering the line for Top Thrill Dragster. (And maybe Maverick, too, but we were too tired to wander that far.)

Cedar Point could have made this a bummer of a day, but they didn’t. They know that their fans are fierce, and the staff went out of their way for those of us who stayed on, and gave us a great ending to our trip.

Radar image courtesy of Weather Underground.

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    I am hoping that someone reading this might know something about my camera bag that was lost or stolen at Cedar Point Sunday – August 3, 2008. First off, let me make clear I WILL NOT PRESS CHARGES!! I should have kept a better eye on things!!
    I just want my precious memories returned!! I do not care if I get the camera back!
    I would like the memory card from the camera and the videos that were in the bag. They are of my only child’s 4th Birthday, last day of swimming lessons, first time ever at Cedar Point and other important life events.
    Please have these items returned to Cedar Point Lost & Found and/or post a comment in this Blog as to how/where I can retrieve these items!!
    Thank you all so much for your assistance!!

    Posted by: Jackie | August 6, 2008

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