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Chevy Volt by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

A few weeks ago we posted our commitment to shake off old ways and find more ways to save energy. Many of us have been working from home one or two days each week to save gas, and Jen R has been bringing her lunch to save cash and eat healthier. We’re still thinking about this, and still making changes.

In fact, a couple of weeks back we discussed whether or not it’s worth it to jump now and buy a Chrysler vehicle to lock in $2.99 gas. In the end, the idea of giving up my great MPG for one with much lower fuel economy was not appealing. I’m not giving up my 35 MPG Vibe just yet, even though I’ve racked up 95,000 miles on the poor thing.

But, this is one car I will jump at: the Chevy Volt.

Yes, GM has been parading this all-electric concept car about at a concept. Earlier this week GM CEO Rick Wagoner announced that they’ve given the Volt a "go" for production. This means that the Volt will hit showroom floors in 2010. That’s only two years away.

The idea behind the Volt is its fully electric motor. No gasoline. And, they’ve seriously improved the electricity storage system. Ideally, this rechargeable system will last longer, and you’ll be able to recharge it more conveniently than the EV-1 electric car GM produced a few years back. GM claims that the Volt will plug into a standard wall outlet.

Some say that GM should have simply brought back the EV-1. I think they did. The Volt has so many more improvements over the EV-1 that I think this will be my next vehicle, once my trusty Vibe finally dies. Which, at this rate, may not be for another 5 years. Heck, maybe I’ll be able to buy a used Volt.

If you seriously want to debate the merits of the EV-1 vs. the Volt, GM would love to hear what you have to say.

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