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Are you down with Green Patriot Posters?

Are you a Green Patriot?My main homie Charlie (7 times down, 8 times up) Kondek told me about Green Patriot
(www.greenpatriotposters.org), "a new environmental campaign utilizing art and design to mobilize
Americans to face the ecological crisis posed by global climate

He asked me if I’d mention it here on the DIFF.  Heckie yeah, I will.

According to Charlie, Green Patriot Posters is partnering with leading designers and design
firms to produce inspiring imagery for the campaign. Right now, a series of
posters designed by Michael Bierut
is on 70 buses in
Cleveland. You can also see images of these buses here, at the site of
photographer Billy Delfs

Charlie continued with: "Other designs by other
designers will be appearing as a result of this campaign in the coming months.
In September, Green Patriot Posters will launch an online competition.
Participants will be able to submit Green Patriot Poster designs, as well as
view and vote on posters from others."

Sounds cool to me – a great cause and a great idea. I love it and hope you do too!

Thanks Charlie and MS&L Digital for hooking me up with the great info. I hope this campaign is a huge success.

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  1. Sorry Clay, I don’t find it particularly compelling or original. Plus, I hate using imagery from this country’s distinct past as a way of promoting the cause du jour.

    Posted by: Mystery Poster | July 28, 2008

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