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It must be in the water – American Beverage Association gives you the facts about bottled water

American Beverage Association makes it easy learn about water quality

I love that old saying.  If your friends all fell in love last month, “there must be something in the water”.  If your entire office seems to be announcing their pregnancies this year, “it must be in the water”. If only those were the real issues we had on our mind when drinking the cold clear stuff that’s necessary for life.

If you’re like me, you’ve become pretty skeptical of drinking any kind of water these days.  It feels like every second a new study is released that proves one type is more contaminated than the other, one more expensive than the other, or one more wasteful than the other.  So which kind is best for you?

The American Beverage Association has just launched a snazzy new site that not only lets you compare the types of bottled water, learn about conservation, and read the latest water news and innovation, but it lets you have a little fun while doing so. 

They also have pretty informative Myths & Facts and Global Stewardships sections, that if nothing else, will relieve you of your fear of getting a mouthful of cancerous chemicals from your next bottle…at least until some new study is released that is. Check it out here.

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  1. and then screwed the bottle into place. I have a neurological disorder so this wasn t particularly easy for me

    Posted by: water treatment | April 23, 2009

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