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Heaven just got funnier

Quicken Loans DIFF blog pays tribute to a comedy legend, Mr. Bernie Mac.

Bernie Mac was funny as hell. I’m not sure of a better or more politically correct way to say it. I’ll just leave it at that.

I really couldn’t believe my ears and eyes this weekend when I heard and saw Bernie Mac died at the way-too-young age of 50.

I loved his show, I loved his stand-up. He was the man.

The Bernie Mac Show was one of the best sitcoms in the past 10 years and even the reruns beat the pants off all these ridiculous reality shows that have sucked the creativity out of television.

I especially enjoyed the episodes that featured Bernie’s nephew Jordan. "There is something wrong with this damn nephew of mine, America. Boy ain’t right."  Ha ha ha (I’m laughing just thinking about it), Jordan was one strange little guy.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Mac’s humor and acting and I absolutely think we lost one of the great ones.

Bernie was born in Chicago in 1957 and didn’t begin his comedy career until age 32. Prior to that, according to Wikipedia, he was a furniture mover, a UPS agent and bread delivery sales rep.

He got his start winning a comedy competition in Chicago and eventually was cast in the movie Mo’ Money in 1992.

He rose fast and stayed at the top for nearly two decades. He was one of the Def Jam Kings of Comedy (sharing the stage with some of the greatest comics of this generation) and he starred in the Ocean’s movies with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Elliot Gould, Al Pacino, Andy Garcia, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle.

In fact, it was Don Cheadle (another actor destined to be remembered as one of the great ones – I think Don Cheadle is one of the best actors alive) who gave the quote that says it all:

"He brought so much joy to so many. He will be missed but heaven just got funnier."

Heaven just got funnier. It sure did. Goodbye Mr. Mac. America misses you.

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  1. Bernie was the man and always will be. When I heard this news last weekend I was absolutely crushed. And then to find out Isaac Hayes died too, well, that ruined my weekend.

    Posted by: Dave R | August 12, 2008
  2. It definitely puts your life in perspective. Shout out to the Mac, one of the Kings of Comedy.

    Posted by: Edson | August 12, 2008

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