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Help Aimee help others through the American Express Members Project

aimee-bob-leeAs many of you know, Quicken Loans and the DIFF were major supporters of Bob Lee and his Ride for 3 Reasons last summer. Bob, a cancer survior, rode his bicycle 6,500 miles across America (at age 65) to raise money for cancer research, ALS research, and hospice care.

We were very proud to help Bob on his journey, as he blogged his way across the country, meeting folks and telling stories from the road. It was great to watch his progress from his blog. If you’ve never seen the 3 Reasons blog, check it out.

So that brings us to the point of today’s post. Bob asked us to help spread the word about a great cause – helping Amy’s Living Story win the American Express Members project. All you have do is go to a page and vote. It costs nothing and will help Bob’s good friend Aimee Chamernik fight her valiant struggle against ALS. Here’s more from Bob:

We need your help!

Those of you who followed A RIDE FOR 3 REASONS will remember a special friend and true inspiration to me—Aimee Chamernik and her family. People often ask, "what was the highlight of the RIDE?" The answer? It was the opportunity to dedicate the RIDE to Aimee for providing me with "pedal power;" as she is an inspirational advocate for raising awareness about ALS and for reminding us tolive in the moment. Aimee continues to focus beyond her fatal disease of ALS to help others. Please read the information in the e-mail below and VOTE! You do not have to be an American Express member. Two minutes of your time could help keep the "legacy of others" alive forever.

The most important thing is to VOTE by clicking here.Then please pass this on to you’re-mail list.

To learn more about Aimee, go to www.askaboutaimee.com

To learn how Aimee and I spent a very special evening together, go to http://www.lesturnerals.org/awarddinner.htm

Please take a few moments and register your support for this great cause. Again, it only costs a few seconds of your time and you don’t have to be an American Express member to vote. It’s worth your time.

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