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GM Blog Manager Shares Top 10 Blog Mistakes & How to Avoid Them and B.L. Ochman’s 10 Reasons Your Company Shouldn’t Blog

Lately there have been a couple of good blog posts and online stories with "top 10" lists for corporate and business blogging and I thought I’d share them with our readers.

The first comes from Christopher Barger, manager of GM’s blogs, including the VERY popular FastLane. Barger listed the "Top 10 Blog Mistakes & How to Avoid Them" in MarketingSherpa yesterday. Check it out, it’s a pretty good read. I think the DIFF does a pretty good job avoiding them, I would add.

The second comes from blogger B.L. Ochman who listed her "10 Reasons Your Company Shouldn’t Blog" last week. Again, it’s a great list and I suggest you read it if you want some good advice about what makes a good corporate blog. And again, I think Quicken Loans does a pretty good job following her rules. Not perfectly, but darn close. I hope nobody ever accuses us of being too corporate or boring.

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