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Working Out. The difference between feeling fat and excellent.

Working out makes me feel skinny. Even on my fattest day, after my fattest meal, or after I’ve crammed 24 animal crackers into my mouth in a Baker’s Minute (that’s 13 seconds by my watch), somehow if I’ve worked out… I don’t feel so bad. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing fun about working out for me. I’m not one of those, "run six miles at 5am and feel revived!" kind of people. In fact, I have to recite the old Nike slogan repeatedly as I pack my gym bag. (Meghan, just do it. Seriously, just do it.) I wish I were kidding. But regardless of how much those stupid weight machines suck, with the crazy callous-causing rubber handles… by the time I leave I am feeling pretty comfortable in my clothes. And somehow there’s a difference between that and weight loss.

Losing a couple pounds is always exciting for a minute, but it really doesnt last all day. You feel like it could all go away with just one bite of lasagna. But working out actually does the opposite… making you feel like you CAN eat. And you’re even a little more compelled to feed your muscles with the nutrients they need (rather than Double-Stuffed Mint Oreo Sandwich Cookies… for example…).

So that’s it. Working out feels better than weight loss… after the heavy lifting anyway. I should give a plug for my gym here and say that Lifetime Fitness makes working out not suck quite as much. If you have one close to you, and you’re planning on going semi-regularly, it’s worth the price.

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  1. Hey Meghan. Great post. I agree working out is not fun – but it does feel good to get done. I have to forcefully not think about going and just GO. I tell myself the sooner I get started the sooner it will be over. I’ve blogged about my new exercise — running — and how it has turned me from counting calories to goal setting over at http://buzz.prevention.com/community/kmwaters/fitness-at-40 and http://findingme.typepad.com

    Posted by: Karen | September 3, 2008
  2. I’ll put in a plug for the Wii fit, my husband just got it for my for my birthday. While its not the most calorie-burning workout in the world, its still a lot of fun. Try the hula-hooping, good times!

    Posted by: Kriste | September 5, 2008
  3. Thanks, Karen! Agreed:) I’ll check out the blog for sure.

    Posted by: Meghan | September 7, 2008

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